Thursday, September 30, 2004

Pick-Up Bar: Mr. Kamborra

kamborra: hello
guerrillakingx: hey
kamborra: how are you doing today
guerrillakingx: ya
guerrillakingx: excellent
guerrillakingx: you?
kamborra: ok good
kamborra: ok now my name is Mr kamborra paul are you so what is your name and where you from
guerrillakingx: My friends call me Dark, I'm in
guerrillakingx: Honolulu
kamborra: can you call me
guerrillakingx: no
guerrillakingx: i don't know you
guerrillakingx: I hardly call my mom
kamborra: but you call me you friend
guerrillakingx: Acquaintance
guerrillakingx: I don't use the word friend that liberally
kamborra: ok
guerrillakingx: What can the King do for you?
kamborra: i will like you to be my good friend
guerrillakingx: How so?
kamborra: my name is Mr kamborra paul are you what is you name and where you from tell me ok
guerrillakingx: I did already
guerrillakingx: I'm the King
guerrillakingx: in Honolulu
kamborra: PLS YOU IS WHAT
guerrillakingx: King of the World
guerrillakingx: I've been keeping a low profile...
kamborra: OK GOOD OF YOU OK
guerrillakingx: I'm already in business
guerrillakingx: let me guess, you are in Nigeria...
guerrillakingx: Something about gold or oil, need a foreign contact, bla bla
guerrillakingx: ya?
guerrillakingx: Mr. Kamborra?
kamborra: where are you from???
guerrillakingx: I told you twice already
kamborra: which dirty KING
guerrillakingx: Still want to lay your business idea on me?
guerrillakingx: hey. no need to be rude
guerrillakingx: ok
guerrillakingx: and still you are not happy
guerrillakingx: I'll talk about other stuff, I'm beyond the money facination though
guerrillakingx: Whay are you buzzing?
guerrillakingx: what do you want?
guerrillakingx: Not yet...
guerrillakingx: Hold on
guerrillakingx: Thanks for reminding, short term memory, you know..
guerrillakingx: of friendship as a pretense to scam me...
kamborra: OK
guerrillakingx: you should be ashamed
guerrillakingx: Ok, I'm smoking something now...
guerrillakingx: I don't need advice
guerrillakingx: I think for myself
guerrillakingx: you should try it
guerrillakingx: So, how is life in Nigeria?
guerrillakingx: ok, Mr Kamborra, don't let me keep you from your business...
kamborra: good bye
guerrillakingx: aloha

Extraterrestrial chat :2

coldout11 (8:58:23 PM): hi
guerrillakingx (8:58:43 PM): hey
guerrillakingx (8:58:57 PM): What can the King do for you?
coldout11 (8:59:25 PM): I was just trying to contact someone, anyone.
coldout11 (8:59:34 PM): You alone answered...
guerrillakingx (9:00:14 PM): you are a car?
coldout11 (9:00:31 PM): No that is my favourite car.
coldout11 (9:00:35 PM): It represents me.
guerrillakingx (9:00:40 PM): ah..
coldout11 (9:00:57 PM): What is that?
guerrillakingx (9:00:59 PM): you are male then...
coldout11 (9:01:05 PM): No I am not.
guerrillakingx (9:01:37 PM): Well, my friends call me Dark, who are you?
coldout11 (9:02:07 PM): Call me Gray.
guerrillakingx (9:02:18 PM): k
coldout11 (9:02:38 PM): Is that you in the picture?
guerrillakingx (9:02:43 PM): ya
coldout11 (9:03:14 PM): Nice meeting you then...
guerrillakingx (9:03:22 PM): ya
guerrillakingx (9:03:27 PM): where are you?
coldout11 (9:03:47 PM): Somewhere in Europe....
guerrillakingx (9:04:06 PM): why so vague?
coldout11 (9:04:27 PM): You needn't know more...
guerrillakingx (9:04:37 PM): k
guerrillakingx (9:04:55 PM): So, whay can the King do for you?
guerrillakingx (9:05:25 PM): ...female gray from europe...
coldout11 (9:05:30 PM): Are you good in computers?
guerrillakingx (9:06:01 PM): a glow in the dark typwriter as far as I'm concerned
coldout11 (9:06:31 PM): Meaning you're not....
guerrillakingx (9:06:40 PM): right
guerrillakingx (9:07:00 PM): I'm good to them
guerrillakingx (9:07:12 PM): are you good with a stick?
coldout11 (9:07:26 PM): No not all.
coldout11 (9:07:31 PM): I am very mean.
guerrillakingx (9:07:36 PM): nice
coldout11 (9:08:17 PM): I didn't check you up for a pervert conversation, but thanks anyway.
coldout11 (9:08:35 PM): I see you cannot help me.
guerrillakingx (9:08:41 PM): hey
guerrillakingx (9:08:50 PM): I was talking about the car

coldout11 (9:09:07 PM): Sure...
guerrillakingx (9:09:17 PM): ok
guerrillakingx (9:09:31 PM): You called me...
guerrillakingx (9:09:40 PM): I didn't call you
guerrillakingx (9:09:55 PM): what are you lloking for?
coldout11 (9:10:05 PM): Sorry then...for disturbing.
coldout11 (9:10:13 PM): I was looking for help.
guerrillakingx (9:10:17 PM): not disturbing
coldout11 (9:10:32 PM): I have a problem with my computer.
guerrillakingx (9:10:39 PM): Try the computer nerd chat room
coldout11 (9:10:58 PM): There is such a thing?
guerrillakingx (9:11:08 PM): sure
coldout11 (9:11:46 PM): I don't need scientists.
coldout11 (9:11:53 PM): For my problem.
guerrillakingx (9:11:58 PM): yahoo chat rooms: Computer and Internet
coldout11 (9:12:49 PM): You look like a boy who likes rap.
guerrillakingx (9:13:06 PM): I appreciate some of it
coldout11 (9:13:34 PM): What else do you like?
guerrillakingx (9:13:58 PM): ambient electronica
guerrillakingx (9:14:08 PM): odd fusions, eclectic
guerrillakingx (9:14:16 PM): jazz
coldout11 (9:14:26 PM): It dosen't sound too familiar to me...
coldout11 (9:14:34 PM): except for the jazz
guerrillakingx (9:14:35 PM): obscure
coldout11 (9:15:41 PM): Sorry if I bothered you...See you another time dark.
guerrillakingx (9:15:57 PM): wait..
guerrillakingx (9:16:03 PM): my ad..
guerrillakingx (9:16:19 PM):
guerrillakingx (9:16:23 PM): I write
coldout11 (9:16:37 PM): I don't read poetry.
guerrillakingx (9:16:41 PM): ok...
guerrillakingx (9:16:54 PM):
guerrillakingx (9:17:12 PM):
guerrillakingx (9:17:20 PM): something...
coldout11 (9:17:27 PM): Ok...
guerrillakingx (9:17:32 PM): aloha

Cultures and Community chat

abhidande123: hi
guerrillakingx: hey
guerrillakingx: what can the King do for you?
abhidande123: friendship!
guerrillakingx: ya?
abhidande123: ya
guerrillakingx: who are you where are you?
abhidande123: why are ya so rude?
guerrillakingx: ?
guerrillakingx: just my style
guerrillakingx: I like to call it terse
abhidande123: then i am not interested in ya ya may fuck off
abhidande123: k
guerrillakingx: fucked off
guerrillakingx: thanks
abhidande123: is that clear if ya the king i am ya father
guerrillakingx: My dad speaks better english
guerrillakingx: hostile boy


yoones110: hi
guerrillakingx: hey
yoones110: uowareyou?
guerrillakingx: Honolulu
yoones110: soeak eng please
guerrillakingx: Hawai'i
guerrillakingx: Where are you?
yoones110: iran hawai in australia ok??
guerrillakingx: no, half way between USA and Austrailia
guerrillakingx: an American state
yoones110: ok sorry age job ? iam 21 in civil univ
guerrillakingx: 35
guerrillakingx: King
guerrillakingx: and I have a tree farm
guerrillakingx: and I write
yoones110: have cam or pic
guerrillakingx: pic in profile to right...
yoones110: i open your profile but no pic in
guerrillakingx: I'm looking at it right now...
guerrillakingx: what?
yoones110: have pic or cam??????
guerrillakingx: have a pic
guerrillakingx: no cam
yoones110: you girl orboy
guerrillakingx: King
guerrillakingx: not queen
yoones110: ok
yoones110: you love sex
guerrillakingx: sure
guerrillakingx: who in their right mind doesn't?
yoones110: married you?
guerrillakingx: no
yoones110: why fuck you girl or woman?
guerrillakingx: why?
guerrillakingx: hmm...
guerrillakingx: well...
guerrillakingx: may reasons..
guerrillakingx: human contact
guerrillakingx: connection with another
yoones110: ok have apic of sexy woman
guerrillakingx: you?
yoones110: no
guerrillakingx: what can the King do for you?
yoones110: sent me sexy woman pic ok?
guerrillakingx: no
guerrillakingx: who are you?

Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Orangelover: #2

fatima : hi Mr. Dark
guerrillakingx: hello
guerrillakingx: hello
guerrillakingx: I was away
fatima : hello
fatima : i guessed
guerrillakingx: how are you?
fatima : fine
fatima : and u?
guerrillakingx: excellent
fatima : why have u selected Hawaii for life?
guerrillakingx: I don't know why...
guerrillakingx: Never thought I'd be here
fatima : how about the poeple?
fatima : of Hawaii?
guerrillakingx: I honestly think that the people of Hawai'i are the most generous, kind, loving people I have ever met
guerrillakingx: generally speaking
fatima : they r native american?
guerrillakingx: Hawai'ian...
guerrillakingx: Polynesian
guerrillakingx: The original people may have come from Samoa...
guerrillakingx: now, japanese, chinese, brazillian, portugese, korean, pacific islanders, americans
guerrillakingx: and then some
fatima : i see
fatima : the mixture of many races
guerrillakingx: ya
guerrillakingx: This place is called the most remote place on the planet
guerrillakingx: 3000 miles from anywhere
fatima : is it silent?
guerrillakingx: Well, Honolulu is a lage metropolitan city
guerrillakingx: but it is quiet otherwise
guerrillakingx: I live in the back of a valley, it is quiet here, save jungle noises
fatima : ohhhhhhhhhhh
fatima : lucky u
fatima : lucky u
guerrillakingx: I lived 10 years in LA, so this is a dream compared
guerrillakingx: eating lunch again?
fatima : i'm ready for lunch
fatima : LA is a nice state
guerrillakingx: city
guerrillakingx: in California
fatima : yessssssssss
fatima : city
guerrillakingx: It is like no other
fatima : LA is noisy?
guerrillakingx: so noisy
fatima : like Tehran, my city
guerrillakingx: LA police department has one of the largest air forces in the world
guerrillakingx: the sky is full of helicoptors
fatima : oh
fatima : i hate noises
guerrillakingx: seven million people
guerrillakingx: 20 million in the LA basin
fatima : my city is noisy too
fatima : i love the voice of nature: birds..water..
guerrillakingx: you were born there?
fatima : yes
guerrillakingx: Can I ask your age?
fatima : 44
guerrillakingx: do you like your work?
fatima : it was exciting for me before, but now, it's not so
guerrillakingx: what do you want to do now?
fatima : my dream is living in a silent place without bad noises, near river, trees and animals
fatima : but, it's only a dream. no hope for reaching it
guerrillakingx: why no hope?
guerrillakingx: anything is possible if you allow it to be
guerrillakingx: I speak from experience
guerrillakingx: My life is Impossible according to many
guerrillakingx: But I wake up in it every day
fatima : how is it impossible? incredible?
guerrillakingx: I have always been poor, with bad credit, no university degree, no practical skills as far as economics and career go...
fatima : then?
guerrillakingx: and yet I have a nursury, like my work, still do my art, answer to no one: no boss, no editor...
guerrillakingx: I chose not to deny the possibility
fatima : nursury of kids?
guerrillakingx: thoughts can be very powerful
guerrillakingx: no,
guerrillakingx: plants
guerrillakingx: trees
fatima : ah
guerrillakingx: so, you know where you would like to be...
guerrillakingx: but what would you like to do?
fatima : now, i have no plan
guerrillakingx: ah
guerrillakingx: good start
fatima : ??
guerrillakingx: not talking about a plan...
guerrillakingx: talking about your desire
fatima : what do u think?
guerrillakingx: your ideal way of being
guerrillakingx: it is not enough to know what you don't want
guerrillakingx: you have to know what you do want
guerrillakingx: truly
guerrillakingx: then you can recognise it when it presents itself
guerrillakingx: because it will
guerrillakingx: the opportunity to realize your dreams may be right in front of you
guerrillakingx: how can you see it if you think it is impossible?
fatima : u know, ur condition is different
guerrillakingx: yes
guerrillakingx: but equal
guerrillakingx: human desire knows no bounds
fatima : i cannot explain for u
guerrillakingx: except fear
fatima : fear is so extended
guerrillakingx: You asked me how I came to Hawai'i...
fatima : yes
guerrillakingx: ten years ago I started writing on a regular basis
guerrillakingx: I was unemployed, in debt, etc.
guerrillakingx: I decided to write about my idea of an ideal life
guerrillakingx: and I did
fatima : then?
guerrillakingx: then, ten years ago, with no conscious effort to realize this dream, it manifested
guerrillakingx: not exactly, but very close
fatima : i see
guerrillakingx: knowing what you want is very powerful in itself
guerrillakingx: rectifying what you want with what you need is the art
fatima : what we want is what we need
guerrillakingx: well, I want to have sex with many women all the time
guerrillakingx: but I doubt that is what I need
fatima : why doubt?
guerrillakingx: touche
guerrillakingx: I know that is not what I need
guerrillakingx: I have had a few relationships, they are challenging enough one on one
fatima : could u please explain more?
guerrillakingx: about?
fatima : ur last statement
guerrillakingx: getting along with people is easier to say than do
guerrillakingx: respecting differences a challenge in close quarters
guerrillakingx: I want independance, and solitude, and peace...
guerrillakingx: yet I want companionship and sex and to be challenged
guerrillakingx: I am better about knowing what limits to set formyself
fatima : i'm understanding
guerrillakingx: balance
guerrillakingx: my needs are simple
guerrillakingx: my wants are less than before
guerrillakingx: I want to eat, and to sleep out of the rain, and to have community
guerrillakingx: I no longer desire big houses and fancy cars, and fame and fortune
guerrillakingx: so I am happier with what I have
guerrillakingx: I sacrificed winning the material game for not having to contend in it
fatima : i'm understanding u
guerrillakingx: the happiest people I know live the most simply
guerrillakingx: the most misserable people I know have the most things to keep up
fatima : wait a min...
guerrillakingx: ya
fatima : what we have confine us
guerrillakingx: we become slavesto our desires if they are more about wants than needs
guerrillakingx: ya
fatima : do u want to know what's my desire?
guerrillakingx: yes
guerrillakingx: ...please
fatima : to have a simple life, simple relationship with others, a simple house...
fatima : no many devices in there
guerrillakingx: This is impossible?
fatima : in cities, yes
fatima : in cities
fatima : in a big society, yes
guerrillakingx: you cannot leave?
guerrillakingx: ?
fatima : no
guerrillakingx: why?
fatima : i'm a alone woman. living in such places is dangerous for me. at least in my society
guerrillakingx: cities were not designed for happyness
guerrillakingx: convienience
fatima : yessssssssssss
guerrillakingx: so city people sacrifice happyness for convienience
guerrillakingx: you cannot leave your society?
guerrillakingx: To be true to yourself is the best thing one can do for the community they are in
fatima : u know, what's important for any person is money for life. i cannot live in other countries without money. how can i gain money as a foriegner in another country easily?
guerrillakingx: People told me that I would not make it here in Hawai'i...
guerrillakingx: too expensive
guerrillakingx: I knew no one
guerrillakingx: came with the mother of my daughter, five months pregnant...
guerrillakingx: I had little money
guerrillakingx: much determination
guerrillakingx: I threw myself in
guerrillakingx: learned to swim
guerrillakingx: had no choice
guerrillakingx: would rather die by my own choices than by other forces
guerrillakingx: That is how I live
guerrillakingx: when I left LA I left everything I had to my friends and put the rest on the curb
guerrillakingx: easier to recieve the blessings of life when hands are empty
guerrillakingx: it is not logical
guerrillakingx: or even very reasonable
guerrillakingx: but possible
guerrillakingx: by the way, your english is very good
fatima : really? thanks
fatima : i think life would be so enjoyable when we gain many things from our empty hands
fatima : and the life is boring when we have many things and no obligation for doing the life better
fatima : making the life better
guerrillakingx: yes
guerrillakingx: I agree
guerrillakingx: do you have religion?
fatima : i'm muslim
guerrillakingx: born into it?
fatima : yes
guerrillakingx: do you find strength and help in your creator?
fatima : yes
guerrillakingx: then you can trust that if you choose to find a place and occupation to make you happy, the creator will assist?
guerrillakingx: do you think your creator wants for you the life you have over the life that nourishes your being?
fatima : u mean the other life(world)?
guerrillakingx: what other?
fatima : (because i have to go to another desk, maybe i response u by delay)
fatima : wait a sec
guerrillakingx: ok
fatima : i couldnt understand ur last statement
guerrillakingx: I was born into christianity, but did not agree with the religious organization
guerrillakingx: chose instead to trust that which inspired the religion
guerrillakingx: cut out the people who interpret "god" in order to experience "god."
guerrillakingx: much better for me
guerrillakingx: but that is me
fatima : it's choice of u as a human being
guerrillakingx: yes
fatima : i think free poeple in religion are luckier than religious poeple in choosing a right way
fatima : because they can decide for themselves
fatima : other people cannot decide easily
guerrillakingx: luckier?
fatima : sorry......??
fatima : is it mistake?
guerrillakingx: I feel that religions have a function...
guerrillakingx: like training wheels on a bike
fatima : thank u if u correct me
guerrillakingx: Does not take luck to take them off
guerrillakingx: Luck involves no choice
guerrillakingx: fortunate may be better word
guerrillakingx: ...and we make our fortune with the decisions we make
fatima : my idea is that: "religous helps human being in their life. but confining mind in a rigid space is bad."
guerrillakingx: ya
guerrillakingx: sometimes boundarys are helpful
guerrillakingx: as long as we can live healty within them
fatima : "religoun is soft by its nature. we(followers) make it hard and uneasy"
fatima : human being tend to make every thing harder and harder
guerrillakingx: 12:33am here...
fatima : tradition, religion, ....
fatima : ohhhhh
guerrillakingx: no
fatima : 1:03 pm here
guerrillakingx: go on
fatima : sleep?
guerrillakingx: soon
guerrillakingx: please continue
fatima : u can sleep, we'll continue later
guerrillakingx: ok
guerrillakingx: A pleasure talking
fatima : yes
guerrillakingx: wish you the best
fatima : thanks. u too
fatima : u r alone or with ur family?
guerrillakingx: alone
fatima : freeeeeeeeeee
guerrillakingx: your native language?
guerrillakingx: pharcy?
fatima : farsi
guerrillakingx: ya
guerrillakingx: how do you say good by in farci?
fatima : khoob
guerrillakingx: yes
fatima : other mean: khosh
guerrillakingx: khoob, then
guerrillakingx: and aloha
fatima : aloha
fatima : shab khoosh=good night
guerrillakingx: yes
guerrillakingx: shab khoosh

Sunday, September 26, 2004

Religion:3 Orangelover

orangelover82: hi
guerrillakingx: hey there
orangelover82: funny id
guerrillakingx: What's so funny?
orangelover82: guerrilla
orangelover82: king
guerrillakingx: funny for you
guerrillakingx: By the way...
guerrillakingx: who are you?
guerrillakingx: Lover of orange?
orangelover82: yesssss
guerrillakingx: the fruit or color
orangelover82: no love except orange
orangelover82: fruit
guerrillakingx: sweet
guerrillakingx: Where is the orange lover?
orangelover82: in tehran/iran
guerrillakingx: What are you doing there?
orangelover82: i'm eating lunch in my office.
guerrillakingx: Ah...
guerrillakingx: almost midnight here
guerrillakingx: in the middle of the Pacific
orangelover82: US?
orangelover82: it's 1:03 pm
guerrillakingx: Hawai'i
orangelover82: i guess it's nice place. i heared a lot about there
guerrillakingx: I like it
guerrillakingx: What kine work you doing?
orangelover82: it's in US or other place?
guerrillakingx: US technically
orangelover82: in a university. educatioanl administer
orangelover82: it's west of us?
guerrillakingx: nice
guerrillakingx: yes
orangelover82: thanks
guerrillakingx: 3000 miles
orangelover82: north west?
guerrillakingx: west
guerrillakingx: little south
orangelover82: warm?
guerrillakingx: perfect
guerrillakingx: lots of rain
orangelover82: wait a min
orangelover82: can i know more about ur country?
guerrillakingx: I'm King of the World
guerrillakingx: I have no country
guerrillakingx: I live on Earth
guerrillakingx: But born in US
guerrillakingx: What do you want to know?
orangelover82: i heared a lot about Hawaii, i dont know if it's an independent country or it belongs to US
guerrillakingx: US took it in a coup in the late 1800's
guerrillakingx: A few here still resist the Idea of losing soverignty to US
orangelover82: i see
orangelover82: u r from Hawaii or u r american?
guerrillakingx: From Mainland...
guerrillakingx: Born in Oklahoma
guerrillakingx: Lived in LA
orangelover82: so many places
orangelover82: nice places...LA..
guerrillakingx: Montana, Georgia
orangelover82: wow..
orangelover82: u r an adventurer
guerrillakingx: every day
guerrillakingx: you would like to see my writing sites?
orangelover82: u r a writer?
guerrillakingx: I write sometimes
guerrillakingx: sometimes it rhymes
guerrillakingx: What are you having for lunch?
orangelover82: a mixture of some vegetables and meat. no name..
orangelover82: u write peom?
guerrillakingx: ah
guerrillakingx: ta
guerrillakingx: ya
guerrillakingx: Some call it that
guerrillakingx: Sometimes it looks like poetry
guerrillakingx: Sometimes it doesn't
guerrillakingx: I don't know the difference
orangelover82: do u want to know? i wished if i would be a writer
guerrillakingx: then write
guerrillakingx: you're writing now...
orangelover82: not such a writing
guerrillakingx: keep it up
guerrillakingx: it is important
orangelover82: unfortunately i dont write as a writer
orangelover82: wait a min
guerrillakingx: It is not important what or how you write, just that you do...
guerrillakingx: My writing very unconventional
guerrillakingx: I write as I like
guerrillakingx: ...
guerrillakingx: I have an orange tree in my front yard
guerrillakingx: it is small
orangelover82: oh......i love it
guerrillakingx: but very tasty
orangelover82: it's so delicious if i cut an orange from a tree
guerrillakingx: These are ugly on the outside
guerrillakingx: decievingly so
orangelover82: an orange on the tree is nice
orangelover82: i want ask u something about writing
guerrillakingx: ya
guerrillakingx: asy me
guerrillakingx: Ask
guerrillakingx: what can the King do for you?
orangelover82: i call u King?
guerrillakingx: Call me King
guerrillakingx: call me Dark
guerrillakingx: Whatever
orangelover82: my name is: fatma
guerrillakingx: aloha fatima
guerrillakingx: my friends call me Dark
guerrillakingx: cheers
orangelover82: why dark? what mean?
guerrillakingx: Long story
guerrillakingx: stage name
orangelover82: i see
guerrillakingx: Parents named me David
orangelover82: david is nice name
orangelover82: i like it
guerrillakingx: Means light
guerrillakingx: Ironic, eh?
guerrillakingx: so...
guerrillakingx: about writing...
guerrillakingx: ?
orangelover82: ok
orangelover82: i write to my friends and explain my feeling to them. i can do it well
orangelover82: but i cannot write independently
guerrillakingx: I pretend that I'm writing for an audience...
guerrillakingx: the Muse has many faces
guerrillakingx: In writing for an audience, I tend to explain myself to myself
guerrillakingx: which is nice
orangelover82: what's the subject of ur writing?
guerrillakingx: you can look foryourself
guerrillakingx: if you like
guerrillakingx: (sites listed above)
orangelover82: i'll see them
orangelover82: 2 hours later i'll see them
guerrillakingx: My perceptions of life
guerrillakingx: on life
guerrillakingx: and under life
orangelover82: u know, it's difficult for me to write without a real audience. but i can explain my mind when i find him(her) and want to answer some questions
guerrillakingx: ya
guerrillakingx: is helpful
guerrillakingx: Some people write to the King of the World because he acts like he knows what he's talking about....
guerrillakingx: Aloha Orange lover...
orangelover82: sorry, i had to leave my room
orangelover82: i'm here now
guerrillakingx: ah
orangelover82: u mean i write to u?
guerrillakingx: if you like...
guerrillakingx: I like to challenge and be challenged
guerrillakingx: to grow
orangelover82: oh, nice
guerrillakingx: beyond what I know
orangelover82: how can i write to u?
orangelover82: which subject?
orangelover82: any subject? any question?
guerrillakingx: ya
guerrillakingx: My sites are blogs...
guerrillakingx: You know?
guerrillakingx: you can place comment and I can reply...
orangelover82: the above site?
guerrillakingx: ya
orangelover82: ok, i'll try
orangelover82: i'm visiting ur site now
orangelover82: can i add u as friend?
guerrillakingx: ya
fatima : i'll try
guerrillakingx: try?
fatima : writing
guerrillakingx: good for you
guerrillakingx: no try
guerrillakingx: only do
fatima : yes. u r right
guerrillakingx: just be honest
guerrillakingx: it is a valued commodity
guerrillakingx: in the economy of life
guerrillakingx: lunch over?
fatima : yes. we need exchanging our minds
fatima : yessssssssss
fatima : overrrrrrrrrrrrr
guerrillakingx: nice talking to you....
fatima : me too
guerrillakingx: I wish you the best on your administering
guerrillakingx: and the writing
guerrillakingx: aloha
fatima : thanks
fatima : what means:aloha?
guerrillakingx: Hawai'ian for Spirit, Breath, Life (used as greeting and farewell)
fatima : i see
guerrillakingx: how you say there?
fatima : i cannot translate it
guerrillakingx: ah
guerrillakingx: no goodbye?
guerrillakingx: tak care?
guerrillakingx: happy trails?
fatima : i see........
fatima : let me think to find it ...
guerrillakingx: ya
guerrillakingx: y
afatima : i'll tell u next time......
guerrillakingx: ok
guerrillakingx: ALOHA
fatima : i must be a writer.......
fatima : aloha


yuvaraj_surendar: hi guy
yuvaraj_surendar: asl pls yuvaraj_surendar: ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????guerrillakingx: 35
guerrillakingx: honolulu

yuvaraj_surendar: 15
yuvaraj_surendar: hai
yuvaraj_surendar: r u alright
guerrillakingx: What can the King do for you?
guerrillakingx: I don't know...

yuvaraj_surendar: king need to bless me for a good life
guerrillakingx: ok
guerrillakingx: bless you
guerrillakingx: did you sneeze?
yuvaraj_surendar: wh?????????
guerrillakingx: Are you having a good life?
yuvaraj_surendar: ssssss
guerrillakingx: mmmmm
guerrillakingx: oooo
guerrillakingx: aaaaaaaaa
yuvaraj_surendar: wh?
yuvaraj_surendar: eeeeeeeeeee
guerrillakingx: zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
yuvaraj_surendar: boom
guerrillakingx: chaka laka
yuvaraj_surendar: shakaaa laka boom boom
guerrillakingx: uh huh...
guerrillakingx: Where are you?
guerrillakingx: Location on earth?
yuvaraj_surendar: just bring it
guerrillakingx: bring what?
yuvaraj_surendar: hi so late
yuvaraj_surendar: wt this .com
guerrillakingx: my site
guerrillakingx: oone of them
guerrillakingx: another
guerrillakingx: there are more...
guerrillakingx: ok...
guerrillakingx: aloha

Saturday, September 25, 2004

Greataim: round two

greataim2: hello king goodday
guerillakingx: hey
greataim2: i hope all is well with u?
guerillakingx: ya
guerillakingx: You?
greataim2: great
guerillakingx: excellent
greataim2: so how is america today?
guerillakingx: I don't know...
guerillakingx: I didn't ask
guerillakingx: probably deaf and dumb from all the election static
greataim2: u said u didn't ask bet u don't need to ask while ur in america
guerillakingx: I'm in Hawai'i
guerillakingx: and I don't watch tv
greataim2: ok
guerillakingx: I'm 3000 miles from the mainland
greataim2: bet u listen news?
guerillakingx: Do you know what kind of greatness you want yet?
guerillakingx: I listen to the world
greataim2: yes of course
guerillakingx: the news is but tiny fragment of the full spectrum
guerillakingx: distorted at that
greataim2: ok
guerillakingx: So?
guerillakingx: What do you want out of this life?
guerillakingx: what more than what you have?
greataim2: i mean the key to every greatness is money
guerillakingx: bullshit
guerillakingx: that is the illusion that keeps people impotent
greataim2: that's money
greataim2: really?
guerillakingx: key to greatness is knowing what you truly want
guerillakingx: money should come as secondary priority
guerillakingx: or tertiary...
greataim2: good advice
guerillakingx: if you only go for money
guerillakingx: no value is created
greataim2: i reason with u
guerillakingx: I wish you the best on your quest for meaning
guerillakingx: aloha
greataim2: thanks for that
guerillakingx: ya
guerillakingx: King sleeps now...
greataim2: u mean u wan't to go on sleep?
guerillakingx: ya
guerillakingx: will soon
greataim2: ok i'm online till then
guerillakingx: PS...
guerillakingx: I don't know anything
guerillakingx: I just act like I do
greataim2: pls what do u mean by ps?
guerillakingx: Post script
guerillakingx: (afterthought)
greataim2: ok
guerillakingx: aloha
greataim2: what do u mean by aloha?
guerillakingx: Aloha: Hawai'ian for Spirit or breath, used as greeting and farewell
greataim2: are u there?
guerillakingx: ya
guerillakingx: anything else?
greataim2: ok good
greataim2: ya
guerillakingx: wa?
guerillakingx: wa tisit?
guerillakingx: (what is it?)
guerillakingx: sleep calling me
greataim2: u adviced me the order day about malijuana deal
greataim2: now how would i do that immediatly?
guerillakingx: I cannot help you there
guerillakingx: Business is business
greataim2: pls exercise patient a bit
guerillakingx: doesn't matter what you do
guerillakingx: it's how you feel about that
greataim2: i mean how would i passle it?
guerillakingx: cannot advise
greataim2: bet u suppose to advice me on that
guerillakingx: says who?
guerillakingx: If you try to deal in black market commodities, you must be ready to deal with the possibility of prison...
greataim2: king why taking me here and there pls be straight forward with me
guerillakingx: Prison might give you time to consider my other advise
greataim2: that good advice 2
guerillakingx: or you can do it on your own time
greataim2: no
greataim2: pls what is
guerillakingx: Know yourself, man
guerillakingx: know your true desire
guerillakingx: your particular function in the body of humanity
greataim2: pls what's ur order advice?
guerillakingx: everything else is moot
guerillakingx: so...
guerillakingx: rock on Mr. Aim
greataim2: all
greataim2: we'll all is good
guerillakingx: I don't believe in good
guerillakingx: or evil
guerillakingx: If all is good, then all is evil
guerillakingx: two sides
guerillakingx: same thing
greataim2: what do u believe on?
guerillakingx: I don't believe
guerillakingx: Belief: taking something to be true on some other authorities advise
guerillakingx: best to know by own experience
guerillakingx: best wishes...
guerillakingx: King out

Free Psychic Readings and chat:

leaps_sis: i do
leaps_sis: will you help me
guerrillakingx: ya?
guerrillakingx: how so?
leaps_sis: what is wrong with my boyfriend
leaps_sis: it means so much to me
guerrillakingx: you tell me
leaps_sis: i dont know
leaps_sis: i am big dummy when it comes to relationships
leaps_sis: thats why i need you
leaps_sis: anything you can say will help
guerrillakingx: Relationships are the koans of the new age...
guerrillakingx: koans: unanswerable riddles...
leaps_sis: why is it so hard
leaps_sis: should be easy when in love
leaps_sis: i just dont get it
guerrillakingx: ya
guerrillakingx: I empathize
leaps_sis: i must be stupid
guerrillakingx: no
guerrillakingx: human
leaps_sis: can you tell me anything
guerrillakingx: why unhappy?
leaps_sis: he is pulling away from me
leaps_sis: why
leaps_sis: he says he loves
guerrillakingx: how long togeather?
leaps_sis: i know i can be quite the handful
leaps_sis: 3 years
guerrillakingx: ya
guerrillakingx: natural
guerrillakingx: Takes some creativity
leaps_sis: ya
leaps_sis: whats the problem
leaps_sis: i would let him go if would make him happy
leaps_sis: thats how much i love him
leaps_sis: do you know
leaps_sis: anything
guerrillakingx: I'm not a psychic...
leaps_sis: oh
guerrillakingx: just a King
leaps_sis: yes you are
leaps_sis: lol
guerrillakingx: ok
guerrillakingx: maybe a little
guerrillakingx: magnets on a table...
leaps_sis: you can be honest with me
leaps_sis: hmmmmmm
leaps_sis: what does that mean
guerrillakingx: Love attracts...
guerrillakingx: then eventually one flips
guerrillakingx: and space is needed
guerrillakingx: if one pushes closer, the other scoots away...
guerrillakingx: vice verce
leaps_sis: so what does one do about this
guerrillakingx: accept and respect the space as natural
guerrillakingx: until the other flips
guerrillakingx: acceptance ends the suffering you have
guerrillakingx: the world is not sunny all day...
guerrillakingx: it rotates into its shadow
guerrillakingx: like clockwork
guerrillakingx: naturally
guerrillakingx: then it is sunny again
guerrillakingx: ya?
leaps_sis: no
guerrillakingx: ok..
guerrillakingx: um...
guerrillakingx: people change...
guerrillakingx: how's that?
guerrillakingx: ...
guerrillakingx: k
leaps_sis: thank you very much
leaps_sis: no help though
guerrillakingx: k
leaps_sis: but thanks
guerrillakingx: my writing
guerrillakingx: it probably won't help either...
guerrillakingx: ps...
guerrillakingx: yousaid anything I could say would help...
guerrillakingx: liar

Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Religion:2 chat - Preet

guerrillakingx : Ok
guerrillakingx (11:19:31 PM): What do you mean?
preet_aman007us (11:20:18 PM): I mean how u say u r the King of the World
preet_aman007us (11:20:30 PM): when i have not left my Kingship
preet_aman007us (11:20:35 PM): HA ha ha aha ha aha
guerrillakingx (11:20:37 PM): No one else wanted it...
guerrillakingx (11:20:54 PM): or, at lest, no one else was claiming it...
preet_aman007us (11:21:05 PM): anyways u sound interesting
preet_aman007us (11:21:07 PM): asl?
guerrillakingx (11:21:27 PM): 35
guerrillakingx (11:21:33 PM): King
guerrillakingx (11:21:52 PM): Darkside of the Moon (vacationing)
guerrillakingx (11:22:08 PM): Live in Honolulu
preet_aman007us (11:22:18 PM): ok
guerrillakingx (11:22:25 PM): You?
preet_aman007us (11:22:35 PM): from India
guerrillakingx (11:22:49 PM): Dig
preet_aman007us (11:22:58 PM): Dig?
guerrillakingx (11:23:04 PM): I see
guerrillakingx (11:23:10 PM): I dig
guerrillakingx (11:23:15 PM): same
preet_aman007us (11:23:16 PM): what the Moon?
guerrillakingx (11:23:27 PM): Back side
guerrillakingx (11:23:43 PM): They just built new cassinos here
preet_aman007us (11:24:03 PM): I also dig, and bury the sadness there
guerrillakingx (11:24:19 PM): ok
guerrillakingx (11:24:34 PM): What are you sad about?
preet_aman007us (11:24:47 PM): not my but of others
preet_aman007us (11:24:56 PM): i am the luckiest guy
guerrillakingx (11:25:41 PM): Good for you...
preet_aman007us (11:25:55 PM): ya, and for many
guerrillakingx (11:26:21 PM): Well, I'm glad to hear from lucky people
preet_aman007us (11:26:28 PM): hmm
guerrillakingx (11:26:48 PM): Means I'm attracting fortunate people
guerrillakingx (11:27:33 PM): Well, rock on lucky...
preet_aman007us (11:27:43 PM): i will
guerrillakingx (11:27:59 PM):
guerrillakingx (11:28:18 PM):
preet_aman007us (11:28:24 PM): asl?
guerrillakingx (11:28:33 PM): 35
guerrillakingx (11:28:36 PM): King
guerrillakingx (11:28:44 PM): Dark side of the moon
guerrillakingx (11:28:51 PM): Hello?
preet_aman007us (11:28:59 PM): yes
guerrillakingx (11:29:06 PM): How can you forget that?
preet_aman007us (11:29:16 PM): just reading out the stuff...
guerrillakingx (11:29:22 PM): Lookin for chicks?
preet_aman007us (11:29:22 PM): u sent me
guerrillakingx (11:29:31 PM): ah...
preet_aman007us (11:29:34 PM): no, but intersting people
guerrillakingx (11:29:38 PM): good
preet_aman007us (11:29:38 PM): like u
preet_aman007us (11:30:06 PM): u have written quite good
guerrillakingx (11:30:07 PM): Takes one to know one
preet_aman007us (11:30:13 PM): and i will send u mine
guerrillakingx (11:30:16 PM): Thanks
guerrillakingx (11:30:24 PM): Nice
guerrillakingx (11:31:50 PM):
preet_aman007us (11:32:23 PM): got to go
preet_aman007us (11:32:29 PM): bye
preet_aman007us (11:32:33 PM): have anice tme
guerrillakingx (11:32:34 PM): aloha
preet_aman007us (11:32:39 PM): nice chatting
guerrillakingx (11:32:41 PM): ya
preet_aman007us (11:32:52 PM): is it ur personal website
guerrillakingx (11:32:58 PM): ya
guerrillakingx (11:33:05 PM): you can post comments
preet_aman007us (11:33:09 PM): r u a writer?
preet_aman007us (11:33:14 PM): i mean wnat do u do?
guerrillakingx (11:33:15 PM): I write, rule
preet_aman007us (11:33:22 PM): career wise
preet_aman007us (11:33:32 PM): like i am a journalist
guerrillakingx (11:33:36 PM): I have a nursury by day
preet_aman007us (11:33:41 PM): here in New Delhi
guerrillakingx (11:33:43 PM): perform at night
guerrillakingx (11:33:55 PM): spoken word with music
guerrillakingx (11:33:57 PM): jazz
preet_aman007us (11:34:02 PM): hmmm
guerrillakingx (11:34:21 PM): tree nursury
preet_aman007us (11:34:28 PM): k
guerrillakingx (11:34:40 PM): Aloha

Monday, September 20, 2004

Washington Watch : Great Aim

greataim2: hello
guerillakingx: hey
guerillakingx: How so?
greataim2: yeah
greataim2: how is today?
guerillakingx: good
greataim2: ok
greataim2: i'm greataim from nigr
greataim2: & u?
guerillakingx: Honolulu
greataim2: Honolulu means?
guerillakingx: Hawai'i
greataim2: hello i can't understant ur language pls
greataim2: i mean speak cleary
guerillakingx: I live on an island in the middle of the pacific ocean..
greataim2: are u there?
guerillakingx: ya
greataim2: really?
guerillakingx: Um, no... My keyboard is on remote control and I'm vacationing on the Dark Side of the Moon......
greataim2: pls i wan't to know u
greataim2: u don't mean it?
guerillakingx: Yeah, Hawai'i, the group of islands America took over...
guerillakingx: I'm really there
greataim2: pls i wan't to know u dear
guerillakingx: how so?
guerillakingx: Check this out:guerillakingx:
greataim2: thats ok
guerillakingx: What can the King do for ya?
greataim2: now u can have my
greataim2: thanks for ur question
greataim2: we'll i'm a freight forwarder here
guerillakingx: Deal in gold?
greataim2: bet i wan't to come down to america for the business establishment
guerillakingx: ya?
guerillakingx: Well good luck friend...
greataim2: and also attend law
guerillakingx: I have to go to bed soon...
guerillakingx: It's late here
greataim2: in one of the american university
guerillakingx: Not enough lawyers here in america
guerillakingx: Could always use another good one...
guerillakingx: Takes a lot of studdying though...
guerillakingx: Better get a good speed dealer when ya get here
greataim2: pls my dear king how can u assist in this vision?
guerillakingx: Whay law?
guerillakingx: You should stay in niger and grow marajuana and ship it to me
guerillakingx: Good money in that...
guerillakingx: Ya like money?
greataim2: pls i wan't to make every order movement with ur assistant and ur advice
guerillakingx: If your taking advice from strangers on the internet, you need more help than I can offer...
greataim2: ok u mean indiahemn?
guerillakingx: Sure...
greataim2: now how would i sent it?
guerillakingx: What is it you want man? I mean really?
guerillakingx: truly
guerillakingx: cut all the bullshit
guerillakingx: What do you want out of life?
guerillakingx: do you know?
greataim2: i mean is't through posting or?
guerillakingx: You gotta talk straight man
guerillakingx: It's late here...
greataim2: pls king
guerillakingx: Please wht?
guerillakingx: your talking
guerillakingx: but your not listening...
greataim2: i mean don't go yet pls
guerillakingx: What do you want, truly?
greataim2: pls i wan't u to give me every advice on how to send it
guerillakingx: Dude, you were going to be a lawyer 30 minuites ago
guerillakingx: now you're going into the black market because someone who claims to be the King says so?

guerillakingx: Someone could be impostering me...
greataim2: yes offcourse
guerillakingx: Plus you're not answering the only question I have for ya...
greataim2: that is will
guerillakingx: ?
guerillakingx: Wish ya the best Great Aim...
guerillakingx: take another shot
greataim2: pls what is ur question?
guerillakingx: What do you want from this life you are living?
guerillakingx: What more?
greataim2: greatness
guerillakingx: That's a little vague...
guerillakingx: You are not great right now?
guerillakingx: You have great eagerness...
guerillakingx: Great gullability
guerillakingx: Or are you shooting to be a great con?
greataim2: true i'm not great right now bet i have the zeal and determination of been great
guerillakingx: What is your passion man?
guerillakingx: If you had all the money and time you needed to do exactly what you want, what would you do?
guerillakingx: right now?
greataim2: i mean great man in life
guerillakingx: vague
guerillakingx: vague
guerillakingx: vague
guerillakingx: Get specific
guerillakingx: you will find your greatness if you find your TRUE passion
guerillakingx: Take some time and think on it
guerillakingx: I'm going to bed
greataim2: thanks king
guerillakingx: Sure
guerillakingx: any time
guerillakingx: except now
guerillakingx: I'm tired
guerillakingx: Aloha
greataim2: thanks for ur advice

Washington Watch chat room...

kwamenasco: what kind of buz do u do??
guerillakingx: I'm king of the World
guerillakingx: Plus I propagate trees

kwamenasco: anyway need someone to do real gold buzkwamenasco: location plse
guerillakingx: Honolulu
kwamenasco: i am in Ghanakwamenasco: where is Honolulu
guerillakingx: Gold buis huh?
guerillakingx: I like gold...
kwamenasco: ye
kwamenasco: sure
kwamenasco: i am talking of 200 kilos
guerillakingx: Got a good back?
kwamenasco: yes
guerillakingx: What are you going to do with all that gold?
kwamenasco: a minuet plse
kwamenasco: Dear Sir/Madam,
My name is Kwame Owusu. I am a Ghanaian reciding in Accra. I am the son of the late Nana Kwame Owusu, A small gold minner in Ghana. My father passed away on the 12th of March 2004. Before his death, he deposited 200 kilos of pure gold in a security company here in Accra. From documents he left behind, I who happen to be the next of kin is supposed to inherit the gold incase of his demise. I also learnt he was planning to send the gold to England through the help of a foreigner for offshore sales. This is because it is dangerous to sell here in Accra because of Government regulations.
I am asking you to come to my aid so i can pay the security company and get my gold out, and i will need your assistance to lift it abroad for offshore sales.
I am
guerillakingx: I don't know if I can lift 200 kilos...
guerillakingx: How many pounds is that?
kwamenasco: plse if u are interested call me on 233244226006 and i will explaine further
guerillakingx: I told ya I have a bad back, plus I don't know where Arica is...
guerillakingx: Sorry about your dad...
kwamenasco: ok
guerillakingx: how are you dealing with it?
kwamenasco: acctually at the moment i dont know what to do
guerillakingx: Well how can I help?
guerillakingx: I'm not a rich man...
guerillakingx: like you
kwamenasco: never mine
guerillakingx: well good luck my friend...
kwamenasco: i really appriciate u
kwamenasco: ok
kwamenasco: good luck too
kwamenasco: may God bless u

Pick Up Bar: 13

guerrillakingx: hey there
guerrillakingx: Are you a bot?

guerrillakingx: hey...
guerrillakingx: Why you want the King to PM you?
beautifulbiatch2k4: coz i wanna chat to ya
guerrillakingx: you are a bot...
beautifulbiatch2k4: wats a bot
guerrillakingx: aren't you...
guerrillakingx: oh...
guerrillakingx: hello
beautifulbiatch2k4: helo
guerrillakingx: well beautiful, chat me up...
guerrillakingx: Where are you?

beautifulbiatch2k4: u chat me up
guerrillakingx: k...
guerrillakingx: Again, where you located?
guerrillakingx: Hey beautiful, I can't hang all night...
beautifulbiatch2k4: uk essex
guerrillakingx: What do you want beautiful?
guerrillakingx: What can the King do for you?
beautifulbiatch2k4: chat me up make me horny
guerrillakingx: Love your accent, by the way
beautifulbiatch2k4: thanxs
guerrillakingx: You know, I'm supposed to be uniting the body of humanity tonight, but...
beautifulbiatch2k4: but wat
guerrillakingx: but twat
guerrillakingx: (couldn't resist)
beautifulbiatch2k4: make me horny
guerrillakingx: Ok...
guerrillakingx: Prestu changu! POOF!
guerrillakingx: Did it work?
beautifulbiatch2k4: nah
guerrillakingx: ok...
guerrillakingx: Well, help me out...
guerrillakingx: What are you looking for in a cyber fuck?
guerrillakingx: Plus, how do I know that you're not a 17 year old farm hand from Iowa?
guerrillakingx: I don't now, do I?
guerrillakingx: Got a pic?
guerrillakingx: Describe yourself and I'll rub my words all over you...
guerrillakingx: ..I know farm hands need lovin' too, but...
guerrillakingx: Tick tock
guerrillakingx: The Paki boys are getting out of school soon...
guerrillakingx: Does broken inglish turn you on?
guerrillakingx: Ok...
guerrillakingx: Ummm
guerrillakingx: Ohh... your words are so firm and erect...
guerrillakingx: slap me with them please...
guerrillakingx: Oh God don't make be wait a minuite longer...
guerrillakingx: You are so turning me on with that silent treatment...
guerrillakingx: Oh yess, the silent english accent, even better...
guerrillakingx: don't stop...
beautifulbiatch2k4: kk
guerrillakingx: Que?
guerrillakingx: Want me to hit another spot?
guerrillakingx: You are such a demanding biatch..