Sunday, September 26, 2004


yuvaraj_surendar: hi guy
yuvaraj_surendar: asl pls yuvaraj_surendar: ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????guerrillakingx: 35
guerrillakingx: honolulu

yuvaraj_surendar: 15
yuvaraj_surendar: hai
yuvaraj_surendar: r u alright
guerrillakingx: What can the King do for you?
guerrillakingx: I don't know...

yuvaraj_surendar: king need to bless me for a good life
guerrillakingx: ok
guerrillakingx: bless you
guerrillakingx: did you sneeze?
yuvaraj_surendar: wh?????????
guerrillakingx: Are you having a good life?
yuvaraj_surendar: ssssss
guerrillakingx: mmmmm
guerrillakingx: oooo
guerrillakingx: aaaaaaaaa
yuvaraj_surendar: wh?
yuvaraj_surendar: eeeeeeeeeee
guerrillakingx: zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
yuvaraj_surendar: boom
guerrillakingx: chaka laka
yuvaraj_surendar: shakaaa laka boom boom
guerrillakingx: uh huh...
guerrillakingx: Where are you?
guerrillakingx: Location on earth?
yuvaraj_surendar: just bring it
guerrillakingx: bring what?
yuvaraj_surendar: hi so late
yuvaraj_surendar: wt this .com
guerrillakingx: my site
guerrillakingx: oone of them
guerrillakingx: another
guerrillakingx: there are more...
guerrillakingx: ok...
guerrillakingx: aloha


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