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Sunday, October 31, 2004

Politics PM

sophia_seeking: Are you really a big hairy ape with a inflated sense of ego?
guerrillakingx: yes
guerrillakingx: not so hairy though
guerrillakingx: I shave
sophia_seeking: I was just wondering
sophia_seeking: so are guerrlla kings allowed to vote?
guerrillakingx: What are you talking about?
guerrillakingx: Allowed?
guerrillakingx: I'm the King of the World
guerrillakingx: I'm Soverign
sophia_seeking: So you can do whatever the hell you want huh?
sophia_seeking: It must be nice!
guerrillakingx: I do
guerrillakingx: yes it is
guerrillakingx: Do you do what you want?
sophia_seeking: oops... I had some problems
guerrillakingx: Did you get over your problems?
sophia_seeking: so what kind of problems do guerrillakings have?
guerrillakingx: Challenges
guerrillakingx: not problems
guerrillakingx: dealing with stupid monkey people
guerrillakingx: graciously
sophia_seeking: you mean you handle your problems graciously?
guerrillakingx: it can be a challenge to
guerrillakingx: I endeavor
sophia_seeking: or the problem of climbing the Empire States Building?
guerrillakingx: then I don't
guerrillakingx: then I do again
sophia_seeking: If I may be so bold, what are some of your problems?
sophia_seeking: Feel free to not answer
guerrillakingx: repeating myself to people that don't listen to the answers givin to the questions they ask...
guerrillakingx: I don't have problems
guerrillakingx: I have issues
sophia_seeking: okay, I think I understand
guerrillakingx: who are you? where are you?
sophia_seeking: I guess we all have issues, even big apes like you
guerrillakingx: I need groupies
guerrillakingx: that would help with my attitude
sophia_seeking: that is such a deep question- who am I? Short version, long version, or philosophical one
guerrillakingx: in 30 seconds or less, all of it...
guerrillakingx: go
sophia_seeking: I'm not a groupie type of person first of all
guerrillakingx: there is time to change
sophia_seeking: no, because I'm a groupie unto myself
guerrillakingx: What if being my groupy was far more satisfying than living the life you live now?
guerrillakingx: We could re-invent the groupy image...
guerrillakingx: Make it hip to be a groupy again, like back when rock and rollers were Gods...
guerrillakingx: ok

guerillakingx: www.thekingfiles.blogspot.com
guerrillakingx: anyway, thanks for walking with me on the groupy tangent anyways...

Politics Lobby

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jimmymac_nz: two big mistakes were insufficient troops after the conflict and disbanding the Iraqi army instead of using them
King Of The World: monkeys
solinari314: 400 thousand tons of ammunition has been secured by the United States. The ammunition cited in the news is only 0.6% of all ammunition of Iraq.
jimmymac_nz: sadly you are right there fading, there are a lot of Iraqis who are finding new resentments now for the position they are in
King Of The World: monkeys
jimmymac_nz: Interesting statistic solinari, where did you get that information?
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yama_hamer: I feel very ambigious about Iraq.
Jimbo: Not following the missguided Bush war plan. Winning the initial conflict without securing the peace is not good policy
King Of The World: monkeys
solinari314: Iraq will be a major topic of the 2008 election...make no mistake about that
King Of The World: monkeys
jimmymac_nz: yes I believe that too, and it still will be difficuilt no matter who wins this election
solinari314: the news
King Of The World: monkeys
sophia_seeking: yes, and Iraqi elections will not be held until the 2008 election
King Of The World: monkeys
yama_hamer: Neither canadit has a real way of getting out of Iraq. I just don't see it.
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King Of The World: monkeys
jimmymac_nz: well both candidates can see that there is no quick exit strategy from Iraq that would be in the US interests, now they are there they have to stay there and win it no matter the cost. The cost of failure would be even higher
yama_hamer: And to be honest, I realy don't see Bush realy trying to win there.
King Of The World: monkeys

solinari314: Many Iraqi troops must be trained, that is the only solution
King Of The World: monkeys
jimmymac_nz: yama don't make any mistake, Bush and Kerry both know it is absolutely vital to win there
King Of The World: monkeys
yama_hamer: If we wanted to win I have no doubt we could, but it sould take many more troops.
sophia_seeking: and a lot more death
jimmymac_nz: there are real constraints on what the US can afford, and other political ones on what it can do. Likewise it has the terrible constraint of not knowing who the enemy is, and US troops are not well trained for combat in those circumstances
yama_hamer: yes, but if really have to win, that is what it is going to take.
Jimbo: No matter who wins our election the winner has to seek a stable Iraq and repair the damage of the past couple of years. Bush might be able to if he would change some of his advisors. Kerry would be able to because he is more apt to think things through.
King Of The World: how do you win, monkeys?
solinari314: Massive air strikes would be a quick solution, but it would kill many innocent citizens and piss off the global community something awful
jimmymac_nz: Kerry is more likely to get the ear of other world leaders, but even if he does win, he is not going to automatically get their support
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King Of The World: America has entered a civil war, monkeys...
civilwarstartsnov2inusa is back
jimmymac_nz: soliari air strikes against who? When timothy Mcveigh bombed the Murrah building airstrikes against suburbs in Oaklahoma in an effort to get him would never have been an option
yama_hamer: I beleive the exit stratagy for the US is to set up a strong man SOB who is favor of the US (secretly) and get out. I honestly don't know if that is possible.
shoshe: bush is too narrow minded, we need a regime change altogether
jimmymac_nz: yama that is exactly what they are trying to do
King Of The World: The war in this country started years ago
Jimbo: No, that is certain, they are not going to want to correct our blunder without a stake in a stable Iraq
King Of The World: it will make the news soon
yama_hamer: I think you are right jimmymac.
solinari314: It would be nice if the UN represented a powerful, altruistic world community....but that just isn't the case
sophia_seeking: war against drugs, was against poverty?
yama_hamer: It would be nice.
King Of The World:
you are in a civil war monkeys....
King Of The World: monkey against monkey
Jimbo: Rebuilding Iraq can't be profit source for Haliburton alone. Other countries companies have to be involved.
solinari314: I don't recommend massive airstrikes...I'm just saying that it would be a quick solution
veryhotfuyfor_u: ya right
veryhotfuyfor_u: nuke them
jimmymac_nz: the bad guys in Iraq are killing Iraqis on a ratio of 100 to one Americans, yama_hamer: War is hell and that is one answer solinar.
King Of The World:
monkeys fighting on a round ship
jimmymac_nz: solinari sadly it would not, if it was that easy the US would have done it long ago. An airstrike needs a target
veryhotfuyfor_u: them planes can drop shit non stop... all day everyday
shoshe: war is greed...iraq was on bush's agenda before 9/11
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King Of The World: foolish monkeys
solinari314: If you completely destroyed fallujah...it would kill many insurgents
veryhotfuyfor_u: yeah
veryhotfuyfor_u: and everyone else
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runningbear19542002: hi all
yama_hamer: If you want to win a war, you have to break egg shells
sophia_seeking: Please enlignten me, oh your delusional monkey
solinari314: ...it would also kill many civilians...which is why I don't necessarily recommend it...I'm just saying that it is an option
jimmymac_nz: very hot they can of course, but who exactly do they drop it on? The guerillas are not silly enough to put a "we are here" sign on their building. When they do find a location with guerillas in it they send a missile from a helicopter
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veryhotfuyfor_u: ur arab...
King Of The World: Monkeys wear different colored clothes
veryhotfuyfor_u: and u want us to bomb the hell outta falluja?
King Of The World: monkeys make lines on maps
BayouBengal: so who's really gonna win?
jimmymac_nz: solinari if you want to rule Fallujah, you can't kill everyone there, or there is no one to rule.
King Of The World: then monkeys hit each other over the head
yama_hamer: It would end the war, we are making enemys' anyway
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jimmymac_nz: as I said, bombing Oaklahoma City was never an option to get Timothy McVeigh
King Of The World: according to the colors and the lines
sophia_seeking: heeehehhehe
veryhotfuyfor_u: well they are probably bombing them right now as u type
jimmymac_nz: yama it would never end the war, but it would start a few more for sure
King Of The World: Monkeys
yama_hamer: look at history jimmymac, did we start more wars after we used nukes in Japan?
sophia_seeking: that's it, monkey? End of explanation?
King Of The World: One monkey...
veryhotfuyfor_u: no
jimmymac_nz: very hot, that is precisely the problem. Identified targets are taken out (mostly) but it is damned difficuilt to know exactly who the enemy is, and where they are
veryhotfuyfor_u: well...
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veryhotfuyfor_u: they know what they shoot at
King Of The World: One monkey watches the monkeys chattering about the monkeys that are hitting heach other...
jimmymac_nz: yama when the US used nukes in Japan they were at war with Japan, The US is currently an Ally of Iraq, you don't bomb your allies
veryhotfuyfor_u: yeah thats right
Jimbo: I don't understand how it would end the war sooner. Unlike fight a declared war against a nation who can sue for peace we are fighting a war against terrorists and some individuals who have a different vision for Iraq than ours.
veryhotfuyfor_u: we still got the MOAB tho
yama_hamer: yes, thats true.
daaaaafremont_01 is back
jimmymac_nz: If Iraq was the enemy, it would be a bunch easier, right now it is not. The government there is on side with the US, and only remains in place because it is so
veryhotfuyfor_u: still can drop that bitch
King Of The World: One monkey laughs at the foolish monkeys caught in the prescribed drama
King Of The World: Then one monkey sighs heavily
sophia_seeking: so the monkeys that watch do nothing in response to all that violence
veryhotfuyfor_u: lol
veryhotfuyfor_u: ohhh ohh ahhh ehhh
veryhotfuyfor_u: scratches ass*
King Of The World: and walks back into the jungle
jimmymac_nz: veryhotfor u the US does have the MOAB, and a bunch of other great weapons, the problem I keep drawing to your attention is that the bad guys won't go and all sit in one building with a "we are here" sign on the roof
veryhotfuyfor_u: we ...
veryhotfuyfor_u: u get an arab spy to go in...
veryhotfuyfor_u: and then...
veryhotfuyfor_u: they say....
veryhotfuyfor_u: bomb here
veryhotfuyfor_u: and then...
veryhotfuyfor_u: they bomb
veryhotfuyfor_u: and then... blaaaaaaaaaaa
veryhotfuyfor_u: so...
veryhotfuyfor_u: there u go
veryhotfuyfor_u: security
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Monday, October 25, 2004

Orangelover: Bush or Kerry?

fatima : hello
guerrillakingx: hello
fatima : fine?
guerrillakingx: ya
guerrillakingx: you ok?
fatima : yes
fatima : it's the color of orange
fatima : what do u think? Bush or Keryy will win?
guerrillakingx: I don't think it matters
guerrillakingx: Both puppets on same puppet masters strings
fatima : so right...........
fatima : i think so..........
guerrillakingx: The so called democratic process has been a sham here for a long time
fatima : can i know ur idea in details?
guerrillakingx: "which do you want: herpes or siphilis?"
guerrillakingx: I choose neither
guerrillakingx: details, yes...
guerrillakingx: hold on...
fatima : ok
guerrillakingx: http://www.parascope.com/articles/0997/skullbones.htm
guerrillakingx: info on the gangster family tree
guerrillakingx: America is in a civil war now
fatima : how?
guerrillakingx: one side has the media
guerrillakingx: America has become a fenced in range for human livestock.
guerrillakingx: The herdsmen are the corporate puppet masters
guerrillakingx: First America, then the world
fatima : yes,,,right
guerrillakingx: The corporate heads are just using the religious passions of the christians to keep the country, and the world, divided
guerrillakingx: The people who support Bush are dogmatic and easily manipulated
guerrillakingx: Nieither Bush nor Kerry represent anyone that I know
guerrillakingx: Martial law will come soon
guerrillakingx: then there will be a conflict between the rural people and the city people who look to escape
fatima : u mean: gay marriage?
guerrillakingx: no
guerrillakingx: that is another arbitrary issue used to inflame peoples passions and keep us divided
guerrillakingx: A prescribed distraction
guerrillakingx: a "Weapon of Mass Distraction" one might say
guerrillakingx: The American leaders speak to the fears of the people...
guerrillakingx: The voices that speak to the parts of humanity that we all have in common, our collective interest, are ignored blatantly in mainstream media
fatima : dont u think it's arbitary fear infused to the poeple?
guerrillakingx: American culture has jacknifed into a landslide of greed and consumerism
guerrillakingx: ya
guerrillakingx: both Kerry and Bush serve the corporate paradigm
fatima : what do u think about americans poeple? do they have enough time to think carefully about the events and analyse them or not?
fatima : or only the watch TV and accept what it tells them?
guerrillakingx: The media has lowered the bar for what we humans expect from this life, the candidates speak to those lowered expectations
guerrillakingx: and the bar is lowered furthur
guerrillakingx: in order to get elected they must win the minds of the lowest common denominator ( or have friends and family as state governors and supreme court justices)
fatima : i see
guerrillakingx: There is more dissent in this country thant the world community suspects
guerrillakingx: Hardly anyone I know watches tv anymore
fatima : why?
guerrillakingx: because the media is owned by mega conglomerates that have a vested interest in the status quo
guerrillakingx: the tv shows, sports, and news are invested in the old paradigm, which is not very relevent to real people
guerrillakingx: It's mental junk food
guerrillakingx: not healthy for the mind
fatima : but many poeple watch TV and accept what it says...not?
fatima : dont media affect the mind of people?
guerrillakingx: yes
guerrillakingx: very much
fatima : and poeple dont have enough time to analyze the news
guerrillakingx: That is why the people I respect have tuned it out
fatima : is the number of these poeple high or not?
guerrillakingx: http://www.crimethinc.com/911/ (excellent article)
guerrillakingx: The number is significant. Artists, writers, teachers, farmers
fatima : hopeful
guerrillakingx: the people that shape culture fundementally are evaluating the ethics and relevance of their work
guerrillakingx: the whores are getting work in the media machine, the creators are building new networks
guerrillakingx: sacrificing money and stability for integrity
guerrillakingx: http://undeadwords.blogspot.com/2004/10/coffee-tea-nicotine-thc-and-music.html My latest entry on the subject...
fatima : what do u think about the future of this culture?
guerrillakingx: The current paradigm of American culture is based on an industrial, pre-quantum premise. It doesn't hold up to even a cursory evaluation...
guerrillakingx: The dawning paradign is based on interdependance, sustainability, and cooperation. there are a lot of intrepid people doing excellent work developing models based on this
guerrillakingx: they just don't have the loudspeker that the old guard does
guerrillakingx: not yet
guerrillakingx: The real brains have left the body politic, as one can tell by looking at the current level of debate and discourse
guerrillakingx: ok
fatima : i opened the sites u've sent. i like to know more and more
fatima : u know
guerrillakingx: the one I sent from my blog has hyperlinks (the underlined words)
fatima : yes?
guerrillakingx: click on those for more
fatima : ok
fatima : i must print them and read
fatima : it's easier way for me
guerrillakingx: http://undeadwords.blogspot.com/2004/10/firesworn.html
guerrillakingx: more hyperlinks
guerrillakingx: So, how would you say Americans are viewed in Tehran?
fatima : u know; some of iranian poeple escpecially youngs
guerrillakingx: (some of my links are flash films)
fatima : love america
fatima : they dont analayse politics
guerrillakingx: ya
fatima : but.
fatima : some of our poeple analyse well
fatima : those who love america know it by satelite
fatima : they see only good aspects of american life
guerrillakingx: they get a projection of America sponsored by the consumerist culture: the corporate herdsmen looking for a world herd
guerrillakingx: good is relative in that context
guerrillakingx: it is a highly manipulated image america exports
guerrillakingx: designed to breed a new expanded crop of corporate consumers
fatima : they think:" american enjoy all the time, they have all they want, they do all they want to do, they r so happy and lucky",.....
guerrillakingx: America lives beyond it's means, and the Earths capacity to sustain.
guerrillakingx: Those people on the shows are paid to smile
fatima : oh..
guerrillakingx: Most americans are not living that life
fatima : how? money? happiness?..?
guerrillakingx: The "Happy fun American" image does not sustain the human spirit
guerrillakingx: lots of toys, but little real joy
fatima : yes, it's right
guerrillakingx: A great dissatisfaction is welling up
fatima : but our poeple think a lot of toys bring them happiness
fatima : i agree with u
fatima : so, they desire the american life..!!
guerrillakingx: slaves to a lifestyle that does not sustain
guerrillakingx: like american fast food: fills the hole in the stomach, but does not nourish
guerrillakingx: then we get sick and feed the medical establishment our paychecks
fatima : the best wishes of our young people is: " getting visa and going to US" for being lucky.!!!fatima : i know what u say
fatima : i feel
guerrillakingx: a whole generation of kids are being fed pharmiceuticals to "stabelize" them. ie: quell the natural rejection of the unnatural society
guerrillakingx: outrage and rebellion are medicated into submission
guerrillakingx: I look at the decline of American culture as a natural stage...
fatima : but media is chaning other cultures rapidly........
guerrillakingx: The seed sprouts, grows, flowers then dies, rots, becomes compost for next
fatima : i see it in my country
fatima : young people leave their culture for getting modern culture
fatima : they kid their own culture
fatima : it's a huge attack on other cultures by media
guerrillakingx: I'm glad that you and I can, and are, having this dialogue. I think that we humans need to talk to each other more, listen to the ads, programs, and governments less
fatima : yes
guerrillakingx: "when the people lead, the governments follow"
fatima : but the power of media is high
guerrillakingx: yes
guerrillakingx: "if the truth can be told so as to be understood, it will be believed"
guerrillakingx: I have faith that nature is stronger than culture
guerrillakingx: the toys will run out before long
guerrillakingx: the Earth cannot sustain it for ever
fatima : yes
fatima : sometimes, i think about it
fatima : i ask myself: is there any hope?
guerrillakingx: always
guerrillakingx: it is up to us
guerrillakingx: no one else
fatima : to save the earth, the real life, the nature...
guerrillakingx: we are the real life and nature, it is up to us to make the correct choices
guerrillakingx: There is a trend of wealthy people in this country voluntarily giving up the materialist trip because they have recognized the emptyness of it
guerrillakingx: Our perceptions of the world shape the world we see. That's why I turned off the tv
guerrillakingx: it clouds the mind with false values
fatima : i did it too............
guerrillakingx: ?
fatima : turning off the TV
guerrillakingx: yes
fatima : although our TV differes from ur TV
guerrillakingx: yes
fatima : it's not as strong as ur TV
fatima : but, i turned it off
fatima : i want my mind be free
guerrillakingx: I see that it is
fatima : my mind is full and tired of unwanted information
fatima : i dont want it be occupied with more information
fatima : useless information make us not to think well
guerrillakingx: I have found that tuning out of media world and returning to nature has positive effects on those around me, without me having to push or sell the idea
guerrillakingx: it is just evident in me, and people recognize and respond
guerrillakingx: If you strike a chord on a piano in a piano store, the same cord on the other pianos respond...
fatima : nice...
guerrillakingx: the piano does not have to convince the others
guerrillakingx: nature handles this
guerrillakingx: I must sleep soon...
guerrillakingx: so nice talking with you
fatima : me too..................
fatima : so thanks
guerrillakingx: thank you
guerrillakingx: aloha...
fatima : shab khoosh

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Bot/Human Hybrid

cheryl_eve_216288: how are you?
guerrillakingx: ya
guerrillakingx: good
guerrillakingx: you?
guerrillakingx: who
guerrillakingx: who
guerrillakingx: you
cheryl_eve_216288: all me babe all me
guerrillakingx: oh..
guerrillakingx: it's you...
cheryl_eve_216288: me what
guerrillakingx: ...then kiss the King
cheryl_eve_216288: mmmmmm kissing guer
guerrillakingx: yummy
cheryl_eve_216288: i'm really wet
guerrillakingx: ok...
cheryl_eve_216288: oki dokie honey
guerrillakingx: are you touching yourself?
cheryl_eve_216288: yes yes yes babe
guerrillakingx: nice to meet you too
cheryl_eve_216288: u ready babe?
guerrillakingx: How could I be ready for you?
guerrillakingx: you are big mystery
cheryl_eve_216288: i am i am i am horney
guerrillakingx: I'm a little turned on myself
cheryl_eve_216288: a little or alot
guerrillakingx: tell me what you look like
cheryl_eve_216288: I looke like my photo here the same as on my profile, if you like me, come and see me inside - Lida
guerrillakingx: inside?
cheryl_eve_216288: i love to play on cam
guerrillakingx: Don't tell me you're a bot...
cheryl_eve_216288: tell you what honey
guerrillakingx: botc
heryl_eve_216288: i don't get it, what do you mean?
guerrillakingx: troll...
guerrillakingx: robot
guerrillakingx: sales person
cheryl_eve_216288: what should I do on my cam guer
guerrillakingx: ...nice technique anyways
guerrillakingx: I don't see your cam
cheryl_eve_216288: here is my cam address, guer come over now and meet me in the nude
guerrillakingx: I don't do credit cards
cheryl_eve_216288: listen guer the credit card is only to verify age, youve got to be over 18 and thats the only way to know
guerrillakingx: And I don't need to pay to see the naked flesh
cheryl_eve_216288: i am naked and on my cam now
guerrillakingx: Though I'm sure yours is tasty
cheryl_eve_216288: your what
guerrillakingx: skin
cheryl_eve_216288: COME HERE guer meet you inside. bye
guerrillakingx: rock on lida
guerrillakingx: aloha
guerrillakingx: www.thekingfiles.blogspot.com

Following a Bot I ended up in UK chat...

guerrillakingx (10:06:43 PM): hello
gift4me007 (10:07:00 PM): how are u doing
guerrillakingx (10:07:23 PM): excellent
gift4me007 (10:07:29 PM): thats good
gift4me007 (10:07:31 PM): asl plz?
guerrillakingx (10:07:46 PM): 35
guerrillakingx (10:07:48 PM): King
guerrillakingx (10:07:52 PM): Honolulu
gift4me007 (10:08:09 PM): which country?
guerrillakingx (10:08:27 PM): Hawai'i
guerrillakingx (10:08:32 PM): USA
gift4me007 (10:08:37 PM): ok
gift4me007 (10:08:42 PM): so how are u doing
guerrillakingx (10:08:46 PM): good
guerrillakingx (10:08:49 PM): writing
guerrillakingx (10:09:05 PM): www.undeadwords.blogspot.com
gift4me007 (10:09:38 PM): what do u want me to check there?
guerrillakingx (10:09:54 PM): if you like
guerrillakingx (10:10:13 PM): It is my journal and rant site
gift4me007 (10:13:37 PM): really?
gift4me007 (10:13:42 PM): is ur pics there?
guerrillakingx (10:13:49 PM): not yet
guerrillakingx (10:14:00 PM): I have one to the right
guerrillakingx (10:14:04 PM): there
gift4me007 (10:14:38 PM): ok
guerrillakingx (10:14:50 PM): you?
gift4me007 (10:14:55 PM): u putting on scarf right?
guerrillakingx (10:14:56 PM): pics?
guerrillakingx (10:15:00 PM): ya
gift4me007 (10:15:32 PM): can u send it to my mail box
gift4me007 (10:15:38 PM): and i will reply with mine'
guerrillakingx (10:15:55 PM): I think so...
gift4me007 (10:17:47 PM): give me ur e-mail address so i can forward it there
guerrillakingx (10:18:47 PM): darksevier@yahoo.com
gift4me007 (10:20:07 PM): ok
gift4me007 (10:20:09 PM): hold on
gift4me007 (10:27:44 PM): it has been sent
gift4me007 (10:27:46 PM): ok
guerrillakingx (10:29:16 PM): no show yet
gift4me007 (10:29:37 PM): check ur mail box
guerrillakingx (10:29:43 PM): Just did
gift4me007 (10:30:02 PM): check it again
gift4me007 (10:30:06 PM): cos i sent it
guerrillakingx (10:30:11 PM): ok
guerrillakingx (10:31:18 PM): no
guerrillakingx (10:31:24 PM): no show yet
gift4me007 (10:31:38 PM): u didn't see it?
guerrillakingx (10:31:53 PM): no show yet
gift4me007 (10:32:29 PM): u will get it soon
gift4me007 (10:32:33 PM): k
guerrillakingx (10:32:47 PM): ok
guerrillakingx (10:32:52 PM): so
guerrillakingx (10:33:05 PM): what's up with you?
gift4me007 (10:33:20 PM): just doing fine
gift4me007 (10:33:28 PM): what are u doing 4 living
guerrillakingx (10:33:50 PM): Tree nursury
gift4me007 (10:34:12 PM): what kind of tree?
guerrillakingx (10:34:36 PM): Local hybreds
guerrillakingx (10:34:42 PM): Rainbow shower
guerrillakingx (10:34:55 PM): Hong Kong Orchid
guerrillakingx (10:35:03 PM): Pua kenikeni
gift4me007 (10:35:27 PM): and u make money from that
gift4me007 (10:35:30 PM): right?
guerrillakingx (10:35:49 PM): ya
gift4me007 (10:36:15 PM): u married?
guerrillakingx (10:37:16 PM): no
gift4me007 (10:37:34 PM): u stay alone?
guerrillakingx (10:38:18 PM): ya
gift4me007 (10:38:46 PM): ok
gift4me007 (10:38:52 PM): so what do u like doing
guerrillakingx (10:39:05 PM): well,
guerrillakingx (10:39:09 PM): what realm?
guerrillakingx (10:39:13 PM): I write
guerrillakingx (10:39:32 PM): Perform spoken word with music
guerrillakingx (10:39:42 PM): grow plants
gift4me007 (10:39:57 PM): ok
guerrillakingx (10:40:30 PM): There's more, but, we hardly know each other...
gift4me007 (10:40:45 PM): so u can't tell me now
gift4me007 (10:40:49 PM): untill when?
guerrillakingx (10:41:06 PM): just being onry
guerrillakingx (10:41:21 PM): pulling your leg
gift4me007 (10:42:03 PM): so will u tell me now
guerrillakingx (10:42:46 PM): I like just about everything I do
guerrillakingx (10:42:56 PM): except cleaning my house
gift4me007 (10:44:49 PM): why won't u clean ur house?
guerrillakingx (10:45:14 PM): I do
guerrillakingx (10:45:30 PM): but I can't say I like it
gift4me007 (10:47:15 PM): so who do that for u?
guerrillakingx (10:48:03 PM): I do
gift4me007 (10:48:45 PM): thats good
gift4me007 (10:48:53 PM): where do u stay in u.s
gift4me007 (10:48:58 PM): hawaii?
guerrillakingx (10:49:10 PM): ya
guerrillakingx (10:49:14 PM): nice pic
gift4me007 (10:49:31 PM): u see the pics?
guerrillakingx (10:49:55 PM): i see one
guerrillakingx (10:50:33 PM): sexy
guerrillakingx (10:50:45 PM): How tall are you?
gift4me007 (10:51:02 PM): can't u guess from the pics?
guerrillakingx (10:51:17 PM): no
guerrillakingx (10:51:31 PM): tell me
gift4me007 (10:52:02 PM): 5"7
gift4me007 (10:52:04 PM): u?
guerrillakingx (10:52:32 PM): 6'9"
gift4me007 (10:53:56 PM): ok
gift4me007 (10:54:37 PM): there's 1 of my customer there in u.s that owns me some money
guerrillakingx (10:54:46 PM): so,
guerrillakingx (10:54:58 PM): what kind buis?
gift4me007 (10:55:29 PM): businees i'm doing?
guerrillakingx (10:55:42 PM): ya
gift4me007 (10:55:48 PM): i told u i owns my store of electronics
gift4me007 (10:55:51 PM): here in u.k
guerrillakingx (10:55:56 PM): I missed that
gift4me007 (10:56:33 PM): ok
guerrillakingx (10:56:43 PM): I think you told someone else
gift4me007 (10:57:00 PM): nothing to someelse here
guerrillakingx (10:57:01 PM): nice accent
gift4me007 (10:57:02 PM): only u
gift4me007 (11:01:54 PM): can u do me a favour overthere with trust
gift4me007 (11:01:56 PM): ?
guerrillakingx (11:03:52 PM): hello?
guerrillakingx (11:03:55 PM): sorry
guerrillakingx (11:04:03 PM): had toreboot
guerrillakingx (11:04:23 PM): What do you need?
guerrillakingx (11:04:33 PM): How can I help?
gift4me007 (11:05:49 PM): that my customer wanted to send me a check for the money he ows
gift4me007 (11:05:59 PM): and i don't want him to send to me here in u.k
guerrillakingx (11:06:11 PM): why's that?
gift4me007 (11:06:19 PM): cos it will take a long time for the check to cleared on my account
guerrillakingx (11:06:30 PM): ok...
gift4me007 (11:06:33 PM): and i need the money to buy goods back in the store
guerrillakingx (11:06:42 PM): so break it down..
gift4me007 (11:07:11 PM): i will like him to issue the check on ur name,and send to u
gift4me007 (11:07:22 PM): so it will be easier for u to have itr cashed
guerrillakingx (11:07:27 PM): Why would you trust me on that?
gift4me007 (11:07:29 PM): cos u're there in u.s
guerrillakingx (11:07:59 PM): Americans are the most notorious crooks on the planet
guerrillakingx (11:08:17 PM): how much money are we talking?
gift4me007 (11:08:38 PM): 3,500$
gift4me007 (11:08:59 PM): i trust u,cos i trsut in my God
gift4me007 (11:09:07 PM): will u run away with the money?
guerrillakingx (11:09:18 PM): no
guerrillakingx (11:09:32 PM): I'm not that type
guerrillakingx (11:10:12 PM): I have to say that I'm leery of talking about money transactions with people I dan't know
gift4me007 (11:10:56 PM): it's true
gift4me007 (11:11:09 PM): cos people are so carlous
guerrillakingx (11:12:59 PM): I'm still not clear on what roll you're looking for someone to play in this...
guerrillakingx (11:13:17 PM): maybe you can e-mail me the idea
gift4me007 (11:15:03 PM): ok
gift4me007 (11:15:09 PM): what i will like u to do for me
gift4me007 (11:15:11 PM): is that
gift4me007 (11:15:20 PM): i will instruct that my customer
gift4me007 (11:15:27 PM): to issue the check on ur name
gift4me007 (11:15:32 PM): and send to u
gift4me007 (11:15:48 PM): and u will have it cashed at any cashing store around u
gift4me007 (11:15:51 PM): ok?
guerrillakingx (11:16:06 PM): then what?
gift4me007 (11:16:35 PM): then u will send it to me via western union money transfer
gift4me007 (11:16:38 PM): k?
guerrillakingx (11:17:52 PM): can i ask why your client doesn't oblige?
gift4me007 (11:19:34 PM): ok
guerrillakingx (11:19:50 PM): I'm feeling a little like a mark
guerrillakingx (11:23:17 PM): King of the World has a very buisy schedule
guerrillakingx (11:23:46 PM): I need an assistant to do this kind of stuff for me
gift4me007 (11:24:10 PM): what kind of assistance
guerrillakingx (11:24:51 PM): Personal assistant, like if I were a movie director or something
guerrillakingx (11:25:16 PM): someone to do all the shit I don't want to do
guerrillakingx (11:25:28 PM): like clean the kitchen
guerrillakingx (11:25:42 PM): go to the bank
gift4me007 (11:26:03 PM): u will have it cashed at the cashing store
gift4me007 (11:26:10 PM): so it would be easier for u
ift4me007 (11:26:16 PM): not to go to bank
gift4me007 (11:26:26 PM): alright
guerrillakingx (11:29:11 PM): I'm not comfortable using my business address, which is my home address, to transfer funds of unknown origin from and to unknown peoples
guerrillakingx (11:29:39 PM): I'm going to have to decline
guerrillakingx (11:29:48 PM): hope you understand
gift4me007 (11:29:55 PM): u're funny
gift4me007 (11:30:05 PM): what am i going to do with ur address
guerrillakingx (11:30:06 PM): thanks
guerrillakingx (11:30:09 PM): i think
gift4me007 (11:30:13 PM): come there to kill u
gift4me007 (11:30:20 PM): or ruin ur life
gift4me007 (11:30:26 PM): or what are u taking about
guerrillakingx (11:30:35 PM): It's happend before, there was that blond chick with the Mercedes and the potato. I think she might have killed me years ago.
gift4me007 (11:30:45 PM): just for him to send the check there,so u can recieved it
gift4me007 (11:31:04 PM): so a lady can come to ur house and kill u?
guerrillakingx (11:31:22 PM): Hey, I used to live in LA
guerrillakingx (11:32:07 PM): paranoia means survival there
guerrillakingx (11:33:33 PM): There are a lot puppet leaders around the globe that are not happy about my going over their heads and gigging as the King of the World...
guerrillakingx (11:33:48 PM): You could be a troll of some sorts
guerrillakingx (11:35:22 PM): framing me for aiding some mad english terror organization...
guerrillakingx (11:35:58 PM): Wierder shit goes on in this country
gift4me007 (11:36:01 PM): what are u talking about
guerrillakingx (11:36:12 PM): Just riffin...
gift4me007 (11:36:14 PM): can't u help me out to cashed the check?
gift4me007 (11:36:21 PM): can't u help me out to cashed the check?
guerrillakingx (11:36:23 PM): No
guerrillakingx (11:36:43 PM): I have to decline
guerrillakingx (11:37:18 PM): Your handle even has a 007 in it...
guerrillakingx (11:37:27 PM): nice touch
guerrillakingx (11:38:00 PM): Irony or ...
guerrillakingx (11:38:20 PM): whatever the opposite of irony would be
guerrillakingx (11:39:27 PM): Call your client up, send him your picture, then pull a dominatix trip on him
guerrillakingx (11:40:00 PM): you could probably get him to fly it out himself if you worked it
guerrillakingx (11:41:12 PM): threaten to spank him
guerrillakingx (11:43:47 PM): I have to go clean my mud room now.
guerrillakingx (11:43:58 PM): I really do wish you the best

Thursday, October 07, 2004

Catholic Chat: Janine

clarong_malabo108: Hello poh!!!
clarong_malabo108: muzta life???
guerrillakingx: hello
clarong_malabo108: hi ulit!!!
clarong_malabo108: filipino??
guerrillakingx: no
guerrillakingx: King of the World
clarong_malabo108: ????what
guerrillakingx: you read me...
clarong_malabo108: where is that place??
guerrillakingx: you know, the world
guerrillakingx: ...spins through space
clarong_malabo108: ammm,,ok ay you so
guerrillakingx: has a moon
guerrillakingx: so how are you?
clarong_malabo108: im not that fine!!
guerrillakingx: no?
clarong_malabo108: i had a terrible day!!!
guerrillakingx: why did you do that?
clarong_malabo108: do what???
guerrillakingx: have a terrible day
clarong_malabo108: i did not want to have that kind of day!!
clarong_malabo108: it just happen that
clarong_malabo108: it is not my day
guerrillakingx: what made it terrible for you?
clarong_malabo108: well, i JUST FAIL on a quiz!!!
guerrillakingx: and you want to blame it on the day?
clarong_malabo108: no its not just that!!!
guerrillakingx: oh?
clarong_malabo108: yes
guerrillakingx: Look, I'm working on unifying the consciousness of the human race into an experience of our undeniable interdemendance
guerrillakingx: (interdependance)
clarong_malabo108: oh...??? what that
guerrillakingx: Believe me when I say a terrible day is relative
clarong_malabo108: i don't understand
guerrillakingx: I know, that's why I'm here
guerrillakingx: not enough people do
clarong_malabo108: amm,, ok... so what does that mean??
guerrillakingx: I'll break it down...
guerrillakingx: we, humans are more togeather than apart...
clarong_malabo108: ok
guerrillakingx: more related than unrelated
clarong_malabo108: ok again
guerrillakingx: same, basically
guerrillakingx: we act like we are separate because of color or money or country
guerrillakingx: religion, the great divider
clarong_malabo108: can i ask you something??
guerrillakingx: all the institutions of government, education, and religion are obsolete
guerrillakingx: need to be reconfigured, reinvented
guerrillakingx: yes,
guerrillakingx: question...
guerrillakingx: please
clarong_malabo108: are you a priest??
guerrillakingx: no
guerrillakingx: King
clarong_malabo108: huuuh,,,, what a joke
guerrillakingx: yes, tell me a joke
clarong_malabo108: im not a joker
guerrillakingx: are you sure?
guerrillakingx: how do you know?
clarong_malabo108: what i mean is who are you really??
guerrillakingx: hey, it's real to me
guerrillakingx: www.undeadwords.blogspot.com
guerrillakingx: www.undeadpoetry.blogspot.com
clarong_malabo108: what is that actually??
guerrillakingx: my sites
guerrillakingx: check em out
clarong_malabo108: ok
clarong_malabo108: later
guerrillakingx: ya
guerrillakingx: later
clarong_malabo108: so,, what is your job??
guerrillakingx: to unify the consciousness of the planet into the obvious reality of our interconnectedness
clarong_malabo108: can i ask another question???
guerrillakingx: and I grow trees
guerrillakingx: yes
clarong_malabo108: why can't you answer me directly???
guerrillakingx: I am
clarong_malabo108: i mean tell me about the real you without joke pls
guerrillakingx: tall, handsome in an odd sort of way..
guerrillakingx: terse and sharp witted with a streak of provocativeness
clarong_malabo108: really??
clarong_malabo108: so,,, what is your real,,real name??
guerrillakingx: I have no reason to lie to you
guerrillakingx: my friends call me Dark
clarong_malabo108: why??
guerrillakingx: My parents named me David
guerrillakingx: Dark is stage name
clarong_malabo108: ok,, so what is your real age??
guerrillakingx: 35
guerrillakingx: 'til January
clarong_malabo108: really??
clarong_malabo108: im 16 yrs old
guerrillakingx: it's what I got from my birth cirtificate
guerrillakingx: congradulations
guerrillakingx: good job
guerrillakingx: keep it up
guerrillakingx: Name?
guerrillakingx: for you?
clarong_malabo108 : janine
guerrillakingx: nice
guerrillakingx: nice to meet you janine
guerrillakingx: thanks for playing
guerrillakingx: studying might help with that terrible day thing
clarong_malabo108 : mmm... ok got to go,,, next time again!!!
guerrillakingx: ya
guerrillakingx: aloha

Christian Teens

You are in "Christian Teens:4"

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x0x_insane_genius_x0x: heya dude
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x0x_physco_bytch_x0x: hey
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sonialove_all: hi
x0x_physco_bytch_x0x: look its a room full of christian fucks
x0x_insane_genius_x0x: well what do u know
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x0x_insane_genius_x0x: wow aint they just so bloody talkative
x0x_physco_bytch_x0x: yeh
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x0x_physco_bytch_x0x: boring fuckers
x0x_insane_genius_x0x: maybe they are scared
x0x_insane_genius_x0x: to talk
x0x_physco_bytch_x0x: maybe
x0x_physco_bytch_x0x: maybe they will go to HELL if they talk
x0x_insane_genius_x0x: maybe
x0x_insane_genius_x0x: u cummin round tonight for a drink
x0x_physco_bytch_x0x: HELL YEAH
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x0x_insane_genius_x0x: fuck
x0x_insane_genius_x0x: i need u to grab me some smokes
x0x_insane_genius_x0x: before u get here
x0x_insane_genius_x0x: that ok?
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King Of The World: Hey, have some compassion for the sheep
coreyko_2003: seeing as i hate people
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amaniamiam2004: hello loves........
x0x_insane_genius_x0x: sheep??
King Of The World: you know what the shepard uses sheep for
coreyko_2003: no king i won't
amaniamiam2004: Just took my chill pill it will take about 10 more min. to kick in,,,,till then,,,Watch Out !!
coreyko_2003: uh...................
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x0x_physco_bytch_x0x: oooooooo
x0x_insane_genius_x0x: ohhhhh
x0x_physco_bytch_x0x: BRING UR SHIT ON
x0x_insane_genius_x0x: 0o0o0o0o0o0
coreyko_2003: i just took a line of coke
King Of The World: fleecing and butchering
amaniamiam2004: And how can you mend a broken heart,,,,,how can a loser ever win,,,,please help me mend my broken heart and let me live again......
coreyko_2003: j/k
sonialove_all: haaaaaaaaa
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x0x_insane_genius_x0x: sheep r for fucking
amaniamiam2004: HOW,,,,,,how indeed,,,,,,,by believe in and following in Jesus words and ways alone does EXACTLY that,,,,mend broken hearts,,,,allows loser's to be winner and lets us live again...
King Of The World: so, be kind
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x0x_physco_bytch_x0x: O0o0o0o0o0o0o0GO THE FUCKING COKE
amaniamiam2004: anyone who has NOT put me in Iggyland yet ??
x0x_insane_genius_x0x: coke
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coreyko_2003: no actually i like to get drunk
nwaka4life2007:MAN ALONE
coreyko_2003: its fun
x0x_insane_genius_x0x: amaniam i aint iggying u i think ur piss funny
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x0x_physco_bytch_x0x: CHRISTIAN FUCKS
coreyko_2003: especially the black out and having things explained to me
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x0x_insane_genius_x0x: fuck
coreyko_2003: fuck fuck fuck
x0x_insane_genius_x0x: f@ck
coreyko_2003: lol
x0x_insane_genius_x0x: shit
x0x_insane_genius_x0x: cunt
x0x_insane_genius_x0x: arsehole
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x0x_insane_genius_x0x: i love to swear
coreyko_2003: swearing is fun
x0x_insane_genius_x0x: bitch
x0x_insane_genius_x0x: fuckers
coreyko_2003: i love to piss people off with it
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King Of The World: ...forfeiters of destiny, they have been anesthetized to their dying by a compassionate god of their own creation
x0x_physco_bytch_x0x: dude if we told u fuckinh ur mum was cool u would say u have done it
coreyko_2003: yeah good for you king
coreyko_2003: whatever
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x0x_insane_genius_x0x: fuck
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King Of The World: you have made your escape, and you use your freedom to return to the cage to taunt those still trapped in the confines of christianity
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angelheart_14: yawn* i am so tired, my husband went to work he'll be home from his 2nd job in 2 hours he told me to go to bed yet i can't sleep without his security next to me
King Of The World: fools
e18eme: l need nice woman that care for me
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angelheart_14: all in all i miss him
angelheart_14: so i am doing leftover dishes
King Of The World: Have compassion man! these people aren't having any fun!
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e18eme: someone say i am the one
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Religion 2: chat Safralyn

safralyn: hi
guerrillakingx: hey
safralyn: asl
guerrillakingx: 35
guerrillakingx: King
guerrillakingx: Honolulu
guerrillakingx: and you?
safralyn: oh ic.
guerrillakingx: what do you see?
guerrillakingx: hey
guerrillakingx: you
guerrillakingx: you who called me
safralyn: how r u?
guerrillakingx: excellent
guerrillakingx: who are you?
safralyn: bye!
guerrillakingx: coward
guerrillakingx: you sense the power
guerrillakingx: don't you
guerrillakingx: you feel that if you stay here
guerrillakingx: and chat with me
guerrillakingx: you may loose your identity
safralyn: byeguerrillakingx: in the brilliance of some new perspectives
guerrillakingx: Your hands are shaking as you type...
guerrillakingx: are they not?
guerrillakingx: BE STRONG!
guerrillakingx: finish what you started!
guerrillakingx: Reveal that which you asked of Me!
guerrillakingx: give it up
guerrillakingx: be honest
safralyn: i do not lyk the way u tok. thats y im quitng
guerrillakingx: to ask a question and then leave without reciprocating...
guerrillakingx: it's just rude
safralyn: i hate u
guerrillakingx: you hate me?
guerrillakingx: I love you
safralyn: i hate u again
guerrillakingx: I love that you can feel that strongly this quickly
guerrillakingx: you are a passionate person
guerrillakingx: sexy
safralyn: bye
guerrillakingx: tell me again...
guerrillakingx: wait...
guerrillakingx: can I ask one question?
guerrillakingx: you asked three
safralyn: yes wat s 8?
guerrillakingx: What were you looking for?
safralyn: for a man?
guerrillakingx: I am not a man?
guerrillakingx: you think me a monkey?
guerrillakingx: monster maybe
safralyn: i am loking a person hu s nice not lyk YOU!
guerrillakingx: or am I crazy?
guerrillakingx: I am nice
guerrillakingx: Just because I don't fit some preconcieved asl, doesn't mean I'm worthless to you
guerrillakingx: I felt a little rejected
guerrillakingx: I over reacted
guerrillakingx: forgive me?
guerrillakingx: I hate to leave on bad terms
guerrillakingx: I ask only civility
safralyn: i do not lyk u! i am here, trying to find.. hoping somebody nice
guerrillakingx: Well...
guerrillakingx: you wouldn't know nice if it slapped you in the face
safralyn: bye! nice metng u
guerrillakingx: Now you lie to me!?
guerrillakingx: injury upon insult!
guerrillakingx: It was nice for me to meet you...
guerrillakingx: But I, for some reason, don't believe you when you say it...
guerrillakingx: But...
guerrillakingx: I have an alterior motive for being in the chat rooms...
guerrillakingx: www.thekingfiles.blogspot.com
safralyn: yu care?
guerrillakingx: I'm the King of the World
guerrillakingx: It's my job to care
guerrillakingx: Plus, I like people
guerrillakingx: I wish you a day beyond your expectations...
guerrillakingx: Aloha

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Bot 2: the silent treatment

mandy_with_pix_in_profile3blykh: Hello
guerrillakingx: hello bot
guerrillakingx: talk dirty to me
guerrillakingx: I want to loosen the solder on your mother board
guerrillakingx: I want to de-frag your hard drive
guerrillakingx: hello?
guerrillakingx: bot?
guerrillakingx: Bot baby?
guerrillakingx: you there?
guerrillakingx: are you ok?
guerrillakingx: mandy_with_ pix_in _profile3blykh, talk to me!
guerrillakingx: I love your name...
guerrillakingx: especially the last name
guerrillakingx: Ms. Blykh
guerrillakingx: resonant
guerrillakingx: Ok...
guerrillakingx: maybe I came on too strong
guerrillakingx: forgive?

Military Room...

sunny_blue999: hi
guerrillakingx: hello?
sunny_blue999: how r u?
guerrillakingx: yeah, excellent
guerrillakingx: you?
guerrillakingx: you in the military?
sunny_blue999: iam ok
sunny_blue999: what's your name?
sunny_blue999: nope
sunny_blue999: i am from vietnam
guerrillakingx: My friends call me Dark
guerrillakingx: or King
sunny_blue999: oh
sunny_blue999: king....
sunny_blue999: hii
sunny_blue999: my name's Jackie
guerrillakingx: so, what can the King do for you blue?
guerrillakingx: jackie blue?
sunny_blue999: hiii
sunny_blue999: yup
sunny_blue999: i love blue
sunny_blue999: my friends call me : blue
guerrillakingx: so, what is going on with you?
sunny_blue999: nothing
sunny_blue999: and u?
guerrillakingx: everything
sunny_blue999: can u tell anything?
guerrillakingx: we'll, I'm drafting a plan to dismantle the armys of the world and turn them into gardners...
guerrillakingx: I'm getting ready to clean my house
sunny_blue999: oh
sunny_blue999: great
sunny_blue999: hiiii
guerrillakingx: and I put my cell phone through the washer
sunny_blue999: cheers
sunny_blue999: what's country...u r king?
sunny_blue999: hiii
guerrillakingx: I 'm in Hawai'i
sunny_blue999: ah ha
sunny_blue999: i think...ya..your friends call u rite !
sunny_blue999: u r king
sunny_blue999: heheee
guerrillakingx: of the world
guerrillakingx: it't a gig
sunny_blue999: really?
sunny_blue999: on the world?
guerrillakingx: yeah
sunny_blue999: i dont believe
sunny_blue999: hehee
guerrillakingx: good
sunny_blue999: heheee
guerrillakingx: you shouldn't believe
guerrillakingx: You should know
sunny_blue999: hehee
sunny_blue999: how can i believe u?
sunny_blue999: hehee??
guerrillakingx: I don't want you to believe me
guerrillakingx: Belief is for suckers
sunny_blue999: hahaaa
sunny_blue999: i know
guerrillakingx: good
sunny_blue999: how's your job?
sunny_blue999: great??
guerrillakingx: long hours
sunny_blue999: oh
guerrillakingx: I've started drinking because of it
sunny_blue999: awwww
guerrillakingx: people, I tell ya
sunny_blue999: cheers u
sunny_blue999: ok
guerrillakingx: I don't know why I took this job
sunny_blue999: oohhhh
sunny_blue999: i know..maybe u r crazy
sunny_blue999: hahahhhhhhhhhh
guerrillakingx: It seemed like a good idea
sunny_blue999: heheee
sunny_blue999: joking
guerrillakingx: I thought I could help...
sunny_blue999: ah ha
guerrillakingx: it's like trying to save a tiger from drowning
guerrillakingx: it's counter intuitive to jump in
guerrillakingx: but, I'm unreasonable that way
guerrillakingx: so...
sunny_blue999: hahaaaaa
sunny_blue999: omg
sunny_blue999: ah
guerrillakingx: I need to do my dishes
guerrillakingx: can't chat with wet hands
sunny_blue999: ah hah

Monday, October 04, 2004

Cherry Blossom

guerrillakingx (9:15:43 PM): hello
jdai_04 (9:15:56 PM): are u ed?
guerrillakingx (9:16:07 PM): ed?
jdai_04 (9:16:19 PM): sorry
guerrillakingx (9:16:19 PM): No, my friends call ne Dark
jdai_04 (9:16:25 PM): ok
jdai_04 (9:16:33 PM): asl
guerrillakingx (9:17:07 PM): 35
guerrillakingx (9:17:09 PM): King
guerrillakingx (9:17:13 PM): Honolulu
jdai_04 (9:17:27 PM): yes
jdai_04 (9:17:35 PM): i am from thailand
jdai_04 (9:18:15 PM): know?
jdai_04 (9:18:48 PM): ur name?
guerrillakingx (9:19:18 PM): Dark
jdai_04 (9:19:38 PM): ok dark
jdai_04 (9:19:41 PM): i am nina
guerrillakingx (9:19:49 PM): hello...
jdai_04 (9:19:59 PM): hello
guerrillakingx (9:20:06 PM): What can the king do for ya tonight?
jdai_04 (9:20:20 PM): what do u mean?
jdai_04 (9:20:30 PM): king of what?
guerrillakingx (9:20:42 PM): King of the World
jdai_04 (9:21:06 PM): u have cam?
guerrillakingx (9:21:29 PM): no
jdai_04 (9:21:53 PM): oh
jdai_04 (9:22:21 PM): honolulu is near america?
guerrillakingx (9:24:02 PM): half way between america and austrailia
jdai_04 (9:24:55 PM): is it island?
guerrillakingx (9:25:10 PM): yes
jdai_04 (9:26:28 PM): do u know thailand
guerrillakingx (9:26:35 PM): no
guerrillakingx (9:26:38 PM): not yet
guerrillakingx (9:27:43 PM): is that you in the pic?
guerrillakingx (9:28:16 PM): you are a traffic hazard
jdai_04 (9:28:42 PM): what is traffic hazard?
guerrillakingx (9:28:57 PM): if you walk on sidewalk...
guerrillakingx (9:29:11 PM): cars collide
jdai_04 (9:29:45 PM): i see
guerrillakingx (9:29:53 PM): On obtuse way of saying that you are beautiful
jdai_04 (9:29:56 PM): but u ask me about my pic?
guerrillakingx (9:30:24 PM): yes
jdai_04 (9:30:38 PM): see it?
guerrillakingx (9:30:50 PM): yes
jdai_04 (9:31:07 PM): like it?

guerrillakingx (9:32:19 PM): lost ya
guerrillakingx (9:32:26 PM): I'm back
jdai_04 (9:32:40 PM): ok
guerrillakingx (9:33:01 PM): How could I not like the picture?
jdai_04 (9:33:22 PM): it s on u
guerrillakingx (9:33:29 PM): yes
guerrillakingx (9:33:43 PM): you see mine?
jdai_04 (9:33:57 PM): what do u do there?
guerrillakingx (9:34:03 PM): Well...
guerrillakingx (9:34:17 PM): I have a tree nursury...
guerrillakingx (9:34:24 PM): I write...
guerrillakingx (9:34:38 PM): I perform around town...
guerrillakingx (9:35:00 PM): and I do the King of the World thing as a side gig
jdai_04 (9:35:44 PM): u have nursury?
guerrillakingx (9:36:06 PM): ya
guerrillakingx (9:36:38 PM): do you want to move here, be my wife, and help me pull weeds?
jdai_04 (9:37:00 PM): is it so early?
guerrillakingx (9:37:06 PM): Hey, Queen of the world?
jdai_04 (9:37:15 PM): do know me all things?
guerrillakingx (9:37:22 PM): it's only 9:30
jdai_04 (9:37:25 PM): like me?
guerrillakingx (9:37:35 PM): I jest
jdai_04 (9:37:41 PM): i love baby
guerrillakingx (9:38:00 PM): what baby?
jdai_04 (9:38:21 PM): jest too
guerrillakingx (9:38:29 PM): I like other peoples baby's
jdai_04 (9:38:54 PM): u dont' like to have a baby?
guerrillakingx (9:39:15 PM): I have two daughters
guerrillakingx (9:39:26 PM): they are no longer babys
jdai_04 (9:39:27 PM): married?
guerrillakingx (9:39:29 PM): no
jdai_04 (9:39:51 PM): i dont' understand
jdai_04 (9:40:06 PM): are they ur daughters?
guerrillakingx (9:40:29 PM): ya
guerrillakingx (9:40:49 PM): I'm an American...
jdai_04 (9:40:54 PM): u married
guerrillakingx (9:40:58 PM): we're funny that way
guerrillakingx (9:41:01 PM): no
jdai_04 (9:41:19 PM): y u have babies if u dont' married
guerrillakingx (9:42:34 PM): I'm crazy
jdai_04 (9:43:03 PM): ?
guerrillakingx (9:43:20 PM): marriage for the most part is a cultural convention
guerrillakingx (9:43:40 PM): I have abandoned most of the culture that I was raised in
jdai_04 (9:44:37 PM): oh
jdai_04 (9:44:51 PM): and about ur future with marriage
guerrillakingx (9:45:17 PM): would have to be inspired to do so
guerrillakingx (9:45:32 PM): nothing I'm planning on
jdai_04 (9:46:04 PM): about me?
guerrillakingx (9:46:16 PM): yes,
guerrillakingx (9:46:21 PM): what about you?
guerrillakingx (9:46:38 PM): you are looking for husband?
jdai_04 (9:47:14 PM): my bf first
guerrillakingx (9:47:38 PM): good plan
jdai_04 (9:47:59 PM): and i have to see someone s good
guerrillakingx (9:48:06 PM): then again, you could trust fate
jdai_04 (9:48:07 PM): it s my culture
jdai_04 (9:48:46 PM): the marriage is very important for thai culture
guerrillakingx (9:49:18 PM): well, if that picture is you, you should have no trouble attracting plenty of men to choose from
jdai_04 (9:50:04 PM): but i have to see that someone s a suit man for me
jdai_04 (9:50:08 PM): take care me
jdai_04 (9:50:49 PM): because in thai culture the husband is the leader of the family
guerrillakingx (9:51:57 PM): Do you wish to remain in Thailand?
jdai_04 (9:52:58 PM): no
jdai_04 (9:53:18 PM): if i have a chance i want to go abord
guerrillakingx (9:53:22 PM): men get called names in this country for assuming the masculine roll in the family
guerrillakingx (9:53:48 PM): it's been screwy here for some time
guerrillakingx (9:53:58 PM): for as long as I remember
jdai_04: would u likeme to be ur wife really
guerrillakingx: I was being flippant...
guerrillakingx: as a joke
guerrillakingx: ha
guerrillakingx: ha
jdai_04: ok don't want to be my husband
guerrillakingx: do you talk to americans on they're cams often?
guerrillakingx: I don't know you
guerrillakingx: as you said
jdai_04: ok
guerrillakingx: You would think me very foolish to ask for marriage on one interaction, no?
jdai_04: it simple
guerrillakingx: what is simple?
jdai_04: i dont' serious
guerrillakingx: I am simple...
guerrillakingx: do you read much?
jdai_04: no
guerrillakingx: www.undeadpoetry.blogspot.com
guerrillakingx: www.undeadwords.blogspot.com
guerrillakingx: My sites
guerrillakingx: the second one like a journal
guerrillakingx: of sorts
jdai_04: ok
jdai_04: i will see
jdai_04: what s that
guerrillakingx: www.thekingfiles.blogspot.com
guerrillakingx: a format you may be familiar with

Buddhism chat

You are in "Buddhism Chat:3" ( )
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King Of The World: hello buddha peoples..
kumarchandragupt: HELLO
King Of The World: Wide open tonight
King Of The World: raw possibility
King Of The World: tabula rassa
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kumarchandragupt: YOU ARE A BOY
King Of The World: something really special can happen here
King Of The World: I can feel it
King Of The World: you can feel it?
kumarchandragupt: D
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King Of The World: no, kuma. I'm a man
King Of The World: (king not queen)
King Of The World: whole worlds could be spawned from this meditative cyber interaction...
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King Of The World: My work, as king, could finally take roots in a place like this room
King Of The World: I feel very fotunate to be having this experience with you people
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King Of The World: The love is palpable
King Of The World: the emotion hard to contain
King Of The World: I actually don't even fell searation from any of you...
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King Of The World: well, I guess there is just one person in the room aside from myself at this point...
King Of The World: but I love you all
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King Of The World: you buddhists kill me
shelly_jelly_2003: hi king
King Of The World: hey shell
shelly_jelly_2003: chat is so borning at 230 am
shelly_jelly_2003: boring*
King Of The World: it's 9:24 here
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King Of The World: so were kickin
shelly_jelly_2003: texas
shelly_jelly_2003: where are you?
King Of The World: Honolulu
shelly_jelly_2003: cool
King Of The World: Okie from Muskogee
King Of The World: turned into a monkey
shelly_jelly_2003: lol
King Of The World: I was just ranting to an empty room...
shelly_jelly_2003: lol
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shelly_jelly_2003: hi
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shelly_jelly_2003: lurkers come and lurkers go
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King Of The World: ok...
King Of The World: so, any questions for the King before he splits?
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