Monday, October 25, 2004

Orangelover: Bush or Kerry?

fatima : hello
guerrillakingx: hello
fatima : fine?
guerrillakingx: ya
guerrillakingx: you ok?
fatima : yes
fatima : it's the color of orange
fatima : what do u think? Bush or Keryy will win?
guerrillakingx: I don't think it matters
guerrillakingx: Both puppets on same puppet masters strings
fatima : so right...........
fatima : i think so..........
guerrillakingx: The so called democratic process has been a sham here for a long time
fatima : can i know ur idea in details?
guerrillakingx: "which do you want: herpes or siphilis?"
guerrillakingx: I choose neither
guerrillakingx: details, yes...
guerrillakingx: hold on...
fatima : ok
guerrillakingx: info on the gangster family tree
guerrillakingx: America is in a civil war now
fatima : how?
guerrillakingx: one side has the media
guerrillakingx: America has become a fenced in range for human livestock.
guerrillakingx: The herdsmen are the corporate puppet masters
guerrillakingx: First America, then the world
fatima : yes,,,right
guerrillakingx: The corporate heads are just using the religious passions of the christians to keep the country, and the world, divided
guerrillakingx: The people who support Bush are dogmatic and easily manipulated
guerrillakingx: Nieither Bush nor Kerry represent anyone that I know
guerrillakingx: Martial law will come soon
guerrillakingx: then there will be a conflict between the rural people and the city people who look to escape
fatima : u mean: gay marriage?
guerrillakingx: no
guerrillakingx: that is another arbitrary issue used to inflame peoples passions and keep us divided
guerrillakingx: A prescribed distraction
guerrillakingx: a "Weapon of Mass Distraction" one might say
guerrillakingx: The American leaders speak to the fears of the people...
guerrillakingx: The voices that speak to the parts of humanity that we all have in common, our collective interest, are ignored blatantly in mainstream media
fatima : dont u think it's arbitary fear infused to the poeple?
guerrillakingx: American culture has jacknifed into a landslide of greed and consumerism
guerrillakingx: ya
guerrillakingx: both Kerry and Bush serve the corporate paradigm
fatima : what do u think about americans poeple? do they have enough time to think carefully about the events and analyse them or not?
fatima : or only the watch TV and accept what it tells them?
guerrillakingx: The media has lowered the bar for what we humans expect from this life, the candidates speak to those lowered expectations
guerrillakingx: and the bar is lowered furthur
guerrillakingx: in order to get elected they must win the minds of the lowest common denominator ( or have friends and family as state governors and supreme court justices)
fatima : i see
guerrillakingx: There is more dissent in this country thant the world community suspects
guerrillakingx: Hardly anyone I know watches tv anymore
fatima : why?
guerrillakingx: because the media is owned by mega conglomerates that have a vested interest in the status quo
guerrillakingx: the tv shows, sports, and news are invested in the old paradigm, which is not very relevent to real people
guerrillakingx: It's mental junk food
guerrillakingx: not healthy for the mind
fatima : but many poeple watch TV and accept what it says...not?
fatima : dont media affect the mind of people?
guerrillakingx: yes
guerrillakingx: very much
fatima : and poeple dont have enough time to analyze the news
guerrillakingx: That is why the people I respect have tuned it out
fatima : is the number of these poeple high or not?
guerrillakingx: (excellent article)
guerrillakingx: The number is significant. Artists, writers, teachers, farmers
fatima : hopeful
guerrillakingx: the people that shape culture fundementally are evaluating the ethics and relevance of their work
guerrillakingx: the whores are getting work in the media machine, the creators are building new networks
guerrillakingx: sacrificing money and stability for integrity
guerrillakingx: My latest entry on the subject...
fatima : what do u think about the future of this culture?
guerrillakingx: The current paradigm of American culture is based on an industrial, pre-quantum premise. It doesn't hold up to even a cursory evaluation...
guerrillakingx: The dawning paradign is based on interdependance, sustainability, and cooperation. there are a lot of intrepid people doing excellent work developing models based on this
guerrillakingx: they just don't have the loudspeker that the old guard does
guerrillakingx: not yet
guerrillakingx: The real brains have left the body politic, as one can tell by looking at the current level of debate and discourse
guerrillakingx: ok
fatima : i opened the sites u've sent. i like to know more and more
fatima : u know
guerrillakingx: the one I sent from my blog has hyperlinks (the underlined words)
fatima : yes?
guerrillakingx: click on those for more
fatima : ok
fatima : i must print them and read
fatima : it's easier way for me
guerrillakingx: more hyperlinks
guerrillakingx: So, how would you say Americans are viewed in Tehran?
fatima : u know; some of iranian poeple escpecially youngs
guerrillakingx: (some of my links are flash films)
fatima : love america
fatima : they dont analayse politics
guerrillakingx: ya
fatima : but.
fatima : some of our poeple analyse well
fatima : those who love america know it by satelite
fatima : they see only good aspects of american life
guerrillakingx: they get a projection of America sponsored by the consumerist culture: the corporate herdsmen looking for a world herd
guerrillakingx: good is relative in that context
guerrillakingx: it is a highly manipulated image america exports
guerrillakingx: designed to breed a new expanded crop of corporate consumers
fatima : they think:" american enjoy all the time, they have all they want, they do all they want to do, they r so happy and lucky",.....
guerrillakingx: America lives beyond it's means, and the Earths capacity to sustain.
guerrillakingx: Those people on the shows are paid to smile
fatima : oh..
guerrillakingx: Most americans are not living that life
fatima : how? money? happiness?..?
guerrillakingx: The "Happy fun American" image does not sustain the human spirit
guerrillakingx: lots of toys, but little real joy
fatima : yes, it's right
guerrillakingx: A great dissatisfaction is welling up
fatima : but our poeple think a lot of toys bring them happiness
fatima : i agree with u
fatima : so, they desire the american life..!!
guerrillakingx: slaves to a lifestyle that does not sustain
guerrillakingx: like american fast food: fills the hole in the stomach, but does not nourish
guerrillakingx: then we get sick and feed the medical establishment our paychecks
fatima : the best wishes of our young people is: " getting visa and going to US" for being lucky.!!!fatima : i know what u say
fatima : i feel
guerrillakingx: a whole generation of kids are being fed pharmiceuticals to "stabelize" them. ie: quell the natural rejection of the unnatural society
guerrillakingx: outrage and rebellion are medicated into submission
guerrillakingx: I look at the decline of American culture as a natural stage...
fatima : but media is chaning other cultures rapidly........
guerrillakingx: The seed sprouts, grows, flowers then dies, rots, becomes compost for next
fatima : i see it in my country
fatima : young people leave their culture for getting modern culture
fatima : they kid their own culture
fatima : it's a huge attack on other cultures by media
guerrillakingx: I'm glad that you and I can, and are, having this dialogue. I think that we humans need to talk to each other more, listen to the ads, programs, and governments less
fatima : yes
guerrillakingx: "when the people lead, the governments follow"
fatima : but the power of media is high
guerrillakingx: yes
guerrillakingx: "if the truth can be told so as to be understood, it will be believed"
guerrillakingx: I have faith that nature is stronger than culture
guerrillakingx: the toys will run out before long
guerrillakingx: the Earth cannot sustain it for ever
fatima : yes
fatima : sometimes, i think about it
fatima : i ask myself: is there any hope?
guerrillakingx: always
guerrillakingx: it is up to us
guerrillakingx: no one else
fatima : to save the earth, the real life, the nature...
guerrillakingx: we are the real life and nature, it is up to us to make the correct choices
guerrillakingx: There is a trend of wealthy people in this country voluntarily giving up the materialist trip because they have recognized the emptyness of it
guerrillakingx: Our perceptions of the world shape the world we see. That's why I turned off the tv
guerrillakingx: it clouds the mind with false values
fatima : i did it too............
guerrillakingx: ?
fatima : turning off the TV
guerrillakingx: yes
fatima : although our TV differes from ur TV
guerrillakingx: yes
fatima : it's not as strong as ur TV
fatima : but, i turned it off
fatima : i want my mind be free
guerrillakingx: I see that it is
fatima : my mind is full and tired of unwanted information
fatima : i dont want it be occupied with more information
fatima : useless information make us not to think well
guerrillakingx: I have found that tuning out of media world and returning to nature has positive effects on those around me, without me having to push or sell the idea
guerrillakingx: it is just evident in me, and people recognize and respond
guerrillakingx: If you strike a chord on a piano in a piano store, the same cord on the other pianos respond...
fatima : nice...
guerrillakingx: the piano does not have to convince the others
guerrillakingx: nature handles this
guerrillakingx: I must sleep soon...
guerrillakingx: so nice talking with you
fatima : me too..................
fatima : so thanks
guerrillakingx: thank you
guerrillakingx: aloha...
fatima : shab khoosh


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