Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Bot 2: the silent treatment

mandy_with_pix_in_profile3blykh: Hello
guerrillakingx: hello bot
guerrillakingx: talk dirty to me
guerrillakingx: I want to loosen the solder on your mother board
guerrillakingx: I want to de-frag your hard drive
guerrillakingx: hello?
guerrillakingx: bot?
guerrillakingx: Bot baby?
guerrillakingx: you there?
guerrillakingx: are you ok?
guerrillakingx: mandy_with_ pix_in _profile3blykh, talk to me!
guerrillakingx: I love your name...
guerrillakingx: especially the last name
guerrillakingx: Ms. Blykh
guerrillakingx: resonant
guerrillakingx: Ok...
guerrillakingx: maybe I came on too strong
guerrillakingx: forgive?


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