Thursday, September 30, 2004


yoones110: hi
guerrillakingx: hey
yoones110: uowareyou?
guerrillakingx: Honolulu
yoones110: soeak eng please
guerrillakingx: Hawai'i
guerrillakingx: Where are you?
yoones110: iran hawai in australia ok??
guerrillakingx: no, half way between USA and Austrailia
guerrillakingx: an American state
yoones110: ok sorry age job ? iam 21 in civil univ
guerrillakingx: 35
guerrillakingx: King
guerrillakingx: and I have a tree farm
guerrillakingx: and I write
yoones110: have cam or pic
guerrillakingx: pic in profile to right...
yoones110: i open your profile but no pic in
guerrillakingx: I'm looking at it right now...
guerrillakingx: what?
yoones110: have pic or cam??????
guerrillakingx: have a pic
guerrillakingx: no cam
yoones110: you girl orboy
guerrillakingx: King
guerrillakingx: not queen
yoones110: ok
yoones110: you love sex
guerrillakingx: sure
guerrillakingx: who in their right mind doesn't?
yoones110: married you?
guerrillakingx: no
yoones110: why fuck you girl or woman?
guerrillakingx: why?
guerrillakingx: hmm...
guerrillakingx: well...
guerrillakingx: may reasons..
guerrillakingx: human contact
guerrillakingx: connection with another
yoones110: ok have apic of sexy woman
guerrillakingx: you?
yoones110: no
guerrillakingx: what can the King do for you?
yoones110: sent me sexy woman pic ok?
guerrillakingx: no
guerrillakingx: who are you?


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