Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Military Room...

sunny_blue999: hi
guerrillakingx: hello?
sunny_blue999: how r u?
guerrillakingx: yeah, excellent
guerrillakingx: you?
guerrillakingx: you in the military?
sunny_blue999: iam ok
sunny_blue999: what's your name?
sunny_blue999: nope
sunny_blue999: i am from vietnam
guerrillakingx: My friends call me Dark
guerrillakingx: or King
sunny_blue999: oh
sunny_blue999: king....
sunny_blue999: hii
sunny_blue999: my name's Jackie
guerrillakingx: so, what can the King do for you blue?
guerrillakingx: jackie blue?
sunny_blue999: hiii
sunny_blue999: yup
sunny_blue999: i love blue
sunny_blue999: my friends call me : blue
guerrillakingx: so, what is going on with you?
sunny_blue999: nothing
sunny_blue999: and u?
guerrillakingx: everything
sunny_blue999: can u tell anything?
guerrillakingx: we'll, I'm drafting a plan to dismantle the armys of the world and turn them into gardners...
guerrillakingx: I'm getting ready to clean my house
sunny_blue999: oh
sunny_blue999: great
sunny_blue999: hiiii
guerrillakingx: and I put my cell phone through the washer
sunny_blue999: cheers
sunny_blue999: what's country...u r king?
sunny_blue999: hiii
guerrillakingx: I 'm in Hawai'i
sunny_blue999: ah ha
sunny_blue999: i think...ya..your friends call u rite !
sunny_blue999: u r king
sunny_blue999: heheee
guerrillakingx: of the world
guerrillakingx: it't a gig
sunny_blue999: really?
sunny_blue999: on the world?
guerrillakingx: yeah
sunny_blue999: i dont believe
sunny_blue999: hehee
guerrillakingx: good
sunny_blue999: heheee
guerrillakingx: you shouldn't believe
guerrillakingx: You should know
sunny_blue999: hehee
sunny_blue999: how can i believe u?
sunny_blue999: hehee??
guerrillakingx: I don't want you to believe me
guerrillakingx: Belief is for suckers
sunny_blue999: hahaaa
sunny_blue999: i know
guerrillakingx: good
sunny_blue999: how's your job?
sunny_blue999: great??
guerrillakingx: long hours
sunny_blue999: oh
guerrillakingx: I've started drinking because of it
sunny_blue999: awwww
guerrillakingx: people, I tell ya
sunny_blue999: cheers u
sunny_blue999: ok
guerrillakingx: I don't know why I took this job
sunny_blue999: oohhhh
sunny_blue999: i know..maybe u r crazy
sunny_blue999: hahahhhhhhhhhh
guerrillakingx: It seemed like a good idea
sunny_blue999: heheee
sunny_blue999: joking
guerrillakingx: I thought I could help...
sunny_blue999: ah ha
guerrillakingx: it's like trying to save a tiger from drowning
guerrillakingx: it's counter intuitive to jump in
guerrillakingx: but, I'm unreasonable that way
guerrillakingx: so...
sunny_blue999: hahaaaaa
sunny_blue999: omg
sunny_blue999: ah
guerrillakingx: I need to do my dishes
guerrillakingx: can't chat with wet hands
sunny_blue999: ah hah


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