Thursday, October 07, 2004

Christian Teens

You are in "Christian Teens:4"

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x0x_insane_genius_x0x: heya dude
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x0x_physco_bytch_x0x: hey
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sonialove_all: hi
x0x_physco_bytch_x0x: look its a room full of christian fucks
x0x_insane_genius_x0x: well what do u know
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x0x_insane_genius_x0x: wow aint they just so bloody talkative
x0x_physco_bytch_x0x: yeh
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x0x_physco_bytch_x0x: boring fuckers
x0x_insane_genius_x0x: maybe they are scared
x0x_insane_genius_x0x: to talk
x0x_physco_bytch_x0x: maybe
x0x_physco_bytch_x0x: maybe they will go to HELL if they talk
x0x_insane_genius_x0x: maybe
x0x_insane_genius_x0x: u cummin round tonight for a drink
x0x_physco_bytch_x0x: HELL YEAH
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x0x_insane_genius_x0x: fuck
x0x_insane_genius_x0x: i need u to grab me some smokes
x0x_insane_genius_x0x: before u get here
x0x_insane_genius_x0x: that ok?
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x0x_physco_bytch_x0x: yeah thats fine
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King Of The World: Hey, have some compassion for the sheep
coreyko_2003: seeing as i hate people
amaniamiam2004 joined the room
amaniamiam2004: hello loves........
x0x_insane_genius_x0x: sheep??
King Of The World: you know what the shepard uses sheep for
coreyko_2003: no king i won't
amaniamiam2004: Just took my chill pill it will take about 10 more min. to kick in,,,,till then,,,Watch Out !!
coreyko_2003: uh...................
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x0x_physco_bytch_x0x: oooooooo
x0x_insane_genius_x0x: ohhhhh
x0x_physco_bytch_x0x: BRING UR SHIT ON
x0x_insane_genius_x0x: 0o0o0o0o0o0
coreyko_2003: i just took a line of coke
King Of The World: fleecing and butchering
amaniamiam2004: And how can you mend a broken heart,,,,,how can a loser ever win,,,,please help me mend my broken heart and let me live again......
coreyko_2003: j/k
sonialove_all: haaaaaaaaa
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x0x_insane_genius_x0x: sheep r for fucking
amaniamiam2004: HOW,,,,,,how indeed,,,,,,,by believe in and following in Jesus words and ways alone does EXACTLY that,,,,mend broken hearts,,,,allows loser's to be winner and lets us live again...
King Of The World: so, be kind
davidjoyson joined the room
x0x_physco_bytch_x0x: O0o0o0o0o0o0o0GO THE FUCKING COKE
amaniamiam2004: anyone who has NOT put me in Iggyland yet ??
x0x_insane_genius_x0x: coke
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coreyko_2003: no actually i like to get drunk
nwaka4life2007:MAN ALONE
coreyko_2003: its fun
x0x_insane_genius_x0x: amaniam i aint iggying u i think ur piss funny
evrenselmetro joined the room
x0x_physco_bytch_x0x: CHRISTIAN FUCKS
coreyko_2003: especially the black out and having things explained to me
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shri_smarty joined the room
x0x_insane_genius_x0x: fuck
coreyko_2003: fuck fuck fuck
x0x_insane_genius_x0x: f@ck
coreyko_2003: lol
x0x_insane_genius_x0x: shit
x0x_insane_genius_x0x: cunt
x0x_insane_genius_x0x: arsehole
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x0x_insane_genius_x0x: i love to swear
coreyko_2003: swearing is fun
x0x_insane_genius_x0x: bitch
x0x_insane_genius_x0x: fuckers
coreyko_2003: i love to piss people off with it
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King Of The World: ...forfeiters of destiny, they have been anesthetized to their dying by a compassionate god of their own creation
x0x_physco_bytch_x0x: dude if we told u fuckinh ur mum was cool u would say u have done it
coreyko_2003: yeah good for you king
coreyko_2003: whatever
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x0x_insane_genius_x0x: fuck
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x0x_insane_genius_x0x: fuck
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King Of The World: you have made your escape, and you use your freedom to return to the cage to taunt those still trapped in the confines of christianity
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angelheart_14: yawn* i am so tired, my husband went to work he'll be home from his 2nd job in 2 hours he told me to go to bed yet i can't sleep without his security next to me
King Of The World: fools
e18eme: l need nice woman that care for me
adit_jesusfreak joined the room
angelheart_14: all in all i miss him
angelheart_14: so i am doing leftover dishes
King Of The World: Have compassion man! these people aren't having any fun!
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e18eme: someone say i am the one
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