Thursday, October 07, 2004

Religion 2: chat Safralyn

safralyn: hi
guerrillakingx: hey
safralyn: asl
guerrillakingx: 35
guerrillakingx: King
guerrillakingx: Honolulu
guerrillakingx: and you?
safralyn: oh ic.
guerrillakingx: what do you see?
guerrillakingx: hey
guerrillakingx: you
guerrillakingx: you who called me
safralyn: how r u?
guerrillakingx: excellent
guerrillakingx: who are you?
safralyn: bye!
guerrillakingx: coward
guerrillakingx: you sense the power
guerrillakingx: don't you
guerrillakingx: you feel that if you stay here
guerrillakingx: and chat with me
guerrillakingx: you may loose your identity
safralyn: byeguerrillakingx: in the brilliance of some new perspectives
guerrillakingx: Your hands are shaking as you type...
guerrillakingx: are they not?
guerrillakingx: BE STRONG!
guerrillakingx: finish what you started!
guerrillakingx: Reveal that which you asked of Me!
guerrillakingx: give it up
guerrillakingx: be honest
safralyn: i do not lyk the way u tok. thats y im quitng
guerrillakingx: to ask a question and then leave without reciprocating...
guerrillakingx: it's just rude
safralyn: i hate u
guerrillakingx: you hate me?
guerrillakingx: I love you
safralyn: i hate u again
guerrillakingx: I love that you can feel that strongly this quickly
guerrillakingx: you are a passionate person
guerrillakingx: sexy
safralyn: bye
guerrillakingx: tell me again...
guerrillakingx: wait...
guerrillakingx: can I ask one question?
guerrillakingx: you asked three
safralyn: yes wat s 8?
guerrillakingx: What were you looking for?
safralyn: for a man?
guerrillakingx: I am not a man?
guerrillakingx: you think me a monkey?
guerrillakingx: monster maybe
safralyn: i am loking a person hu s nice not lyk YOU!
guerrillakingx: or am I crazy?
guerrillakingx: I am nice
guerrillakingx: Just because I don't fit some preconcieved asl, doesn't mean I'm worthless to you
guerrillakingx: I felt a little rejected
guerrillakingx: I over reacted
guerrillakingx: forgive me?
guerrillakingx: I hate to leave on bad terms
guerrillakingx: I ask only civility
safralyn: i do not lyk u! i am here, trying to find.. hoping somebody nice
guerrillakingx: Well...
guerrillakingx: you wouldn't know nice if it slapped you in the face
safralyn: bye! nice metng u
guerrillakingx: Now you lie to me!?
guerrillakingx: injury upon insult!
guerrillakingx: It was nice for me to meet you...
guerrillakingx: But I, for some reason, don't believe you when you say it...
guerrillakingx: But...
guerrillakingx: I have an alterior motive for being in the chat rooms...
safralyn: yu care?
guerrillakingx: I'm the King of the World
guerrillakingx: It's my job to care
guerrillakingx: Plus, I like people
guerrillakingx: I wish you a day beyond your expectations...
guerrillakingx: Aloha


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