Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Bot/Human Hybrid

cheryl_eve_216288: how are you?
guerrillakingx: ya
guerrillakingx: good
guerrillakingx: you?
guerrillakingx: who
guerrillakingx: who
guerrillakingx: you
cheryl_eve_216288: all me babe all me
guerrillakingx: oh..
guerrillakingx: it's you...
cheryl_eve_216288: me what
guerrillakingx: ...then kiss the King
cheryl_eve_216288: mmmmmm kissing guer
guerrillakingx: yummy
cheryl_eve_216288: i'm really wet
guerrillakingx: ok...
cheryl_eve_216288: oki dokie honey
guerrillakingx: are you touching yourself?
cheryl_eve_216288: yes yes yes babe
guerrillakingx: nice to meet you too
cheryl_eve_216288: u ready babe?
guerrillakingx: How could I be ready for you?
guerrillakingx: you are big mystery
cheryl_eve_216288: i am i am i am horney
guerrillakingx: I'm a little turned on myself
cheryl_eve_216288: a little or alot
guerrillakingx: tell me what you look like
cheryl_eve_216288: I looke like my photo here the same as on my profile, if you like me, come and see me inside - Lida
guerrillakingx: inside?
cheryl_eve_216288: i love to play on cam
guerrillakingx: Don't tell me you're a bot...
cheryl_eve_216288: tell you what honey
guerrillakingx: botc
heryl_eve_216288: i don't get it, what do you mean?
guerrillakingx: troll...
guerrillakingx: robot
guerrillakingx: sales person
cheryl_eve_216288: what should I do on my cam guer
guerrillakingx: ...nice technique anyways
guerrillakingx: I don't see your cam
cheryl_eve_216288: here is my cam address, guer come over now and meet me in the nude
guerrillakingx: I don't do credit cards
cheryl_eve_216288: listen guer the credit card is only to verify age, youve got to be over 18 and thats the only way to know
guerrillakingx: And I don't need to pay to see the naked flesh
cheryl_eve_216288: i am naked and on my cam now
guerrillakingx: Though I'm sure yours is tasty
cheryl_eve_216288: your what
guerrillakingx: skin
cheryl_eve_216288: COME HERE guer meet you inside. bye
guerrillakingx: rock on lida
guerrillakingx: aloha


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