Sunday, October 31, 2004

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jimmymac_nz: two big mistakes were insufficient troops after the conflict and disbanding the Iraqi army instead of using them
King Of The World: monkeys
solinari314: 400 thousand tons of ammunition has been secured by the United States. The ammunition cited in the news is only 0.6% of all ammunition of Iraq.
jimmymac_nz: sadly you are right there fading, there are a lot of Iraqis who are finding new resentments now for the position they are in
King Of The World: monkeys
jimmymac_nz: Interesting statistic solinari, where did you get that information?
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yama_hamer: I feel very ambigious about Iraq.
Jimbo: Not following the missguided Bush war plan. Winning the initial conflict without securing the peace is not good policy
King Of The World: monkeys
solinari314: Iraq will be a major topic of the 2008 election...make no mistake about that
King Of The World: monkeys
jimmymac_nz: yes I believe that too, and it still will be difficuilt no matter who wins this election
solinari314: the news
King Of The World: monkeys
sophia_seeking: yes, and Iraqi elections will not be held until the 2008 election
King Of The World: monkeys
yama_hamer: Neither canadit has a real way of getting out of Iraq. I just don't see it.
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King Of The World: monkeys
jimmymac_nz: well both candidates can see that there is no quick exit strategy from Iraq that would be in the US interests, now they are there they have to stay there and win it no matter the cost. The cost of failure would be even higher
yama_hamer: And to be honest, I realy don't see Bush realy trying to win there.
King Of The World: monkeys

solinari314: Many Iraqi troops must be trained, that is the only solution
King Of The World: monkeys
jimmymac_nz: yama don't make any mistake, Bush and Kerry both know it is absolutely vital to win there
King Of The World: monkeys
yama_hamer: If we wanted to win I have no doubt we could, but it sould take many more troops.
sophia_seeking: and a lot more death
jimmymac_nz: there are real constraints on what the US can afford, and other political ones on what it can do. Likewise it has the terrible constraint of not knowing who the enemy is, and US troops are not well trained for combat in those circumstances
yama_hamer: yes, but if really have to win, that is what it is going to take.
Jimbo: No matter who wins our election the winner has to seek a stable Iraq and repair the damage of the past couple of years. Bush might be able to if he would change some of his advisors. Kerry would be able to because he is more apt to think things through.
King Of The World: how do you win, monkeys?
solinari314: Massive air strikes would be a quick solution, but it would kill many innocent citizens and piss off the global community something awful
jimmymac_nz: Kerry is more likely to get the ear of other world leaders, but even if he does win, he is not going to automatically get their support
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King Of The World: America has entered a civil war, monkeys...
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jimmymac_nz: soliari air strikes against who? When timothy Mcveigh bombed the Murrah building airstrikes against suburbs in Oaklahoma in an effort to get him would never have been an option
yama_hamer: I beleive the exit stratagy for the US is to set up a strong man SOB who is favor of the US (secretly) and get out. I honestly don't know if that is possible.
shoshe: bush is too narrow minded, we need a regime change altogether
jimmymac_nz: yama that is exactly what they are trying to do
King Of The World: The war in this country started years ago
Jimbo: No, that is certain, they are not going to want to correct our blunder without a stake in a stable Iraq
King Of The World: it will make the news soon
yama_hamer: I think you are right jimmymac.
solinari314: It would be nice if the UN represented a powerful, altruistic world community....but that just isn't the case
sophia_seeking: war against drugs, was against poverty?
yama_hamer: It would be nice.
King Of The World:
you are in a civil war monkeys....
King Of The World: monkey against monkey
Jimbo: Rebuilding Iraq can't be profit source for Haliburton alone. Other countries companies have to be involved.
solinari314: I don't recommend massive airstrikes...I'm just saying that it would be a quick solution
veryhotfuyfor_u: ya right
veryhotfuyfor_u: nuke them
jimmymac_nz: the bad guys in Iraq are killing Iraqis on a ratio of 100 to one Americans, yama_hamer: War is hell and that is one answer solinar.
King Of The World:
monkeys fighting on a round ship
jimmymac_nz: solinari sadly it would not, if it was that easy the US would have done it long ago. An airstrike needs a target
veryhotfuyfor_u: them planes can drop shit non stop... all day everyday
shoshe: war is greed...iraq was on bush's agenda before 9/11
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King Of The World: foolish monkeys
solinari314: If you completely destroyed would kill many insurgents
veryhotfuyfor_u: yeah
veryhotfuyfor_u: and everyone else
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runningbear19542002: hi all
yama_hamer: If you want to win a war, you have to break egg shells
sophia_seeking: Please enlignten me, oh your delusional monkey
solinari314: would also kill many civilians...which is why I don't necessarily recommend it...I'm just saying that it is an option
jimmymac_nz: very hot they can of course, but who exactly do they drop it on? The guerillas are not silly enough to put a "we are here" sign on their building. When they do find a location with guerillas in it they send a missile from a helicopter
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veryhotfuyfor_u: ur arab...
King Of The World: Monkeys wear different colored clothes
veryhotfuyfor_u: and u want us to bomb the hell outta falluja?
King Of The World: monkeys make lines on maps
BayouBengal: so who's really gonna win?
jimmymac_nz: solinari if you want to rule Fallujah, you can't kill everyone there, or there is no one to rule.
King Of The World: then monkeys hit each other over the head
yama_hamer: It would end the war, we are making enemys' anyway
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jimmymac_nz: as I said, bombing Oaklahoma City was never an option to get Timothy McVeigh
King Of The World: according to the colors and the lines
sophia_seeking: heeehehhehe
veryhotfuyfor_u: well they are probably bombing them right now as u type
jimmymac_nz: yama it would never end the war, but it would start a few more for sure
King Of The World: Monkeys
yama_hamer: look at history jimmymac, did we start more wars after we used nukes in Japan?
sophia_seeking: that's it, monkey? End of explanation?
King Of The World: One monkey...
veryhotfuyfor_u: no
jimmymac_nz: very hot, that is precisely the problem. Identified targets are taken out (mostly) but it is damned difficuilt to know exactly who the enemy is, and where they are
veryhotfuyfor_u: well...
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veryhotfuyfor_u: they know what they shoot at
King Of The World: One monkey watches the monkeys chattering about the monkeys that are hitting heach other...
jimmymac_nz: yama when the US used nukes in Japan they were at war with Japan, The US is currently an Ally of Iraq, you don't bomb your allies
veryhotfuyfor_u: yeah thats right
Jimbo: I don't understand how it would end the war sooner. Unlike fight a declared war against a nation who can sue for peace we are fighting a war against terrorists and some individuals who have a different vision for Iraq than ours.
veryhotfuyfor_u: we still got the MOAB tho
yama_hamer: yes, thats true.
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jimmymac_nz: If Iraq was the enemy, it would be a bunch easier, right now it is not. The government there is on side with the US, and only remains in place because it is so
veryhotfuyfor_u: still can drop that bitch
King Of The World: One monkey laughs at the foolish monkeys caught in the prescribed drama
King Of The World: Then one monkey sighs heavily
sophia_seeking: so the monkeys that watch do nothing in response to all that violence
veryhotfuyfor_u: lol
veryhotfuyfor_u: ohhh ohh ahhh ehhh
veryhotfuyfor_u: scratches ass*
King Of The World: and walks back into the jungle
jimmymac_nz: veryhotfor u the US does have the MOAB, and a bunch of other great weapons, the problem I keep drawing to your attention is that the bad guys won't go and all sit in one building with a "we are here" sign on the roof
veryhotfuyfor_u: we ...
veryhotfuyfor_u: u get an arab spy to go in...
veryhotfuyfor_u: and then...
veryhotfuyfor_u: they say....
veryhotfuyfor_u: bomb here
veryhotfuyfor_u: and then...
veryhotfuyfor_u: they bomb
veryhotfuyfor_u: and then... blaaaaaaaaaaa
veryhotfuyfor_u: so...
veryhotfuyfor_u: there u go
veryhotfuyfor_u: security
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