Sunday, October 31, 2004

Politics PM

sophia_seeking: Are you really a big hairy ape with a inflated sense of ego?
guerrillakingx: yes
guerrillakingx: not so hairy though
guerrillakingx: I shave
sophia_seeking: I was just wondering
sophia_seeking: so are guerrlla kings allowed to vote?
guerrillakingx: What are you talking about?
guerrillakingx: Allowed?
guerrillakingx: I'm the King of the World
guerrillakingx: I'm Soverign
sophia_seeking: So you can do whatever the hell you want huh?
sophia_seeking: It must be nice!
guerrillakingx: I do
guerrillakingx: yes it is
guerrillakingx: Do you do what you want?
sophia_seeking: oops... I had some problems
guerrillakingx: Did you get over your problems?
sophia_seeking: so what kind of problems do guerrillakings have?
guerrillakingx: Challenges
guerrillakingx: not problems
guerrillakingx: dealing with stupid monkey people
guerrillakingx: graciously
sophia_seeking: you mean you handle your problems graciously?
guerrillakingx: it can be a challenge to
guerrillakingx: I endeavor
sophia_seeking: or the problem of climbing the Empire States Building?
guerrillakingx: then I don't
guerrillakingx: then I do again
sophia_seeking: If I may be so bold, what are some of your problems?
sophia_seeking: Feel free to not answer
guerrillakingx: repeating myself to people that don't listen to the answers givin to the questions they ask...
guerrillakingx: I don't have problems
guerrillakingx: I have issues
sophia_seeking: okay, I think I understand
guerrillakingx: who are you? where are you?
sophia_seeking: I guess we all have issues, even big apes like you
guerrillakingx: I need groupies
guerrillakingx: that would help with my attitude
sophia_seeking: that is such a deep question- who am I? Short version, long version, or philosophical one
guerrillakingx: in 30 seconds or less, all of it...
guerrillakingx: go
sophia_seeking: I'm not a groupie type of person first of all
guerrillakingx: there is time to change
sophia_seeking: no, because I'm a groupie unto myself
guerrillakingx: What if being my groupy was far more satisfying than living the life you live now?
guerrillakingx: We could re-invent the groupy image...
guerrillakingx: Make it hip to be a groupy again, like back when rock and rollers were Gods...
guerrillakingx: ok

guerrillakingx: anyway, thanks for walking with me on the groupy tangent anyways...


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